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Press release
SPIE builds a new turnkey methanisation plant in Morbihan

Toulouse, April 3rd – SPIE Sud-Ouest has started building a new methanisation unit at Saint Nicolas du Tertre, in Morbihan.
This methanisation plant will take its place among the various new solutions for the production of renewable energy. When it comes into service in October this year, it will provide the public grid with 526 kW round the clock, supplying enough power to cater for the average annual consumption of 1,100 households. Turnkey installation
This plant, on the site of a future pig farm, will generate electricity and recycle heat from gases produced by organic waste. The New Energies department of SPIE Sud-Ouest responded to the client's requirements with a proposal encompassing a turnkey construction, commissioning, biological monitoring and maintenance. For this contract, it has joined forces with Weltec (installation of the methanisation process), Avry Le Corvaisier (civil engineering) and Scolari (sludge drying system). SPIE Sud-Ouest, which is SPIE's local subsidiary, will be the project sponsor's sole contact for the entire project. It has also been entrusted with all the installation work on the building's external networks, video surveillance, and high and low voltage systems. Optimised recycling of energy produced
The installation is designed to supply the energy needed for its own operation. Waste (including pig manure, fat waste from local food industries and dedicated intercrops) will be heated to 37°C and consumed by methane-producing bacteria. The gas will then be routed to a cogeneration engine producing electricity and heat. The heat will be harnessed for operation of the plant's biomass drying process. “The New Energies department at SPIE Sud-Ouest is remarkable for its ability to offer turnkey solutions comprising the various renewable energy sectors, including wind power, photovoltaics and methanisation,” says Bruno Vandermeersch, Director of the SPIE Sud-Ouest Urban Infrastructures operational unit. “As pioneers in this field, we are able to guarantee the highest quality of service and easy implementation of these solutions for the future.” Press contacts

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Communications manager 
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