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Press release
SPIE carries out all the electrical installations at the Lascaux International Parietal Art Centre, in Montignac

Toulouse,  December 7th, 2016 – SPIE Sud-Ouest staff have just completed all of the electrical installations at "Lascaux 4", the Lascaux International Parietal Art Centre in Montignac.

Established by the Dordogne Departmental Council, the Lascaux International Centre of Parietal Art aims to be a hub for cultural and tourist enhancement while helping preserve the location's unique cave art for the benefit of humanity. The new facility includes a full replica of the Lascaux cave as well as several exhibition halls using new virtualisation and imaging technologies.

The contract, which was for the installation of all high/low current electricital installations as well as the scenographic lighting at the new centre, was awarded by the Dordogne Departmental Council to SPIE Sud-Ouest as part of a consortium with ETEC and Paul Beauvieux.

As well as installing two 800kVa transformers to supply the site, SPIE Sud-Ouest staff fitted the exterior lighting (highlighting the façades and the various entrances) and the building's architectural lighting, as well as installing the power supply for all of the technical and scenographic parts of the project. Particular care was taken with the exterior lighting and with the lighting of the replica of the cave, which were carried out in collaboration with the lighting design studio 8’18’’.

In terms of low currents, the contract also covered the IT cabling for the building and the scenographic arrangements as well as the installation of the site's access control system, video surveillance system, fire and intruder alarms and the PA system in the entrance hall and restaurant.

Having started back in May 2014, the work has now been completed and is currently in the test phase, with the public opening of the centre scheduled for 15 December.

Laurent Lafont, business manager at SPIE Sud-Ouest, explains, "To complete this contract successfully, we wanted to join forces with local SMEs that were located like SPIE-Sud-Ouest in the Dordogne itself, where this heritage promotion and conservation project is being carried out. This valuable collaboration enabled us to win a second contract for the lighting of the entire scenic section. 

  • Commissioned by
    Council of the Département of the Dordogne
  • Architects
  • Scenography
  • Lighting design studio



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