SPIE: the city of the future will be a smart city!

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To respond to the sustainable development objectives fixed by the Grenelle de l’environnement, it is necessary to drastically reduce our energy consumption. In big cities, to achieve these objectives, the management of all the streams (energy, transport, water...) must be controlled.

With the increase of the population density and the overload of urban networks (roads, public transport…), and also the need to stimulate growth while taking into account the concept of sustainable development, the city of tomorrow will have to face many challenges.
As a new way of thinking the city, its proper functioning and, as a general meaning, urban streams, the smart city appears as a way to redefine the world in the light of the new challenges of resource management. Making the city more convenient, more enjoyable, and more responsible: this is the mission of SPIE. The company is continuously acting alongside public and private actors to promote sustainable urban planning and mobility.

Rethinking the urban development, the interactions between several actors (inhabitants, companies, governments) and making the city a pleasant place to live... SPIE puts all its expertise at work to redefine the vocation of the city.

Smart achievements at the service of the city and men

By definition, the smart city leverages technology and innovation to enable better management of natural resources and a reduction of the ecological footprint. To do this, it puts into action different means, such as the development of the connectivity in urban services ("connected" City), of an intelligent communication network and electric distribution network (smart grid), of a clean and intelligent transportation system... With the necessity to give priority to non-carbon emitting mode of transport, the smart city will give a particular prominence to the electric vehicle in its development strategy.

SPIE designs and manufactures innovative and efficient facilities for professionals that meets all the requirements of the city of tomorrow (reduction of CO2 emissions, attractiveness and economic competitiveness) thanks to a high level of technical skills. Bicycle station networks, electric vehicle charging infrastructure for public and private fleets, telecoms and high speed networks, urban lightingpositive energy building (i.e. very low power consumption)... SPIE is constantly innovating to make the European cities less polluted, more intelligent.