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SPIE Communications promotes its customer awareness of the innovative topics of Software-Defined Data Centre and Hyper-Convergence

7 April 2015 – A new series of seminars is being organised by SPIE Communications, along with its strategic data centre partners (Cisco, HP and EMC), to enable customers to discover how software-defined data centres and hyper-convergence can help companies meet their business-related and strategic challenges and boost the profitability of their investments.

As companies push ahead with digital transformation, the efficiency of data centres is becoming more and more crucial. IT departments therefore need to know about innovations that can enhance their operation and reduce their costs. That is why SPIE Communications has joined forces with its partners to organise a roadshow focused on the following key question: “How to optimise your IT operating costs with software-defined data centres and hyper-convergence?”

These events specifically target production infrastructure and information system managers. During morning sessions, representatives of SPIE Communications and its partners will lay out the concepts of the software-defined data centre (SDDC) and hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI). Practical examples will be given and the benefits of these solutions will be explained.

The SDDC, based on virtualisation and automation, is designed to make it easier to operate data centre infrastructures. HCI provides an all-in-one infrastructure solution combining the virtual resources of data centre components (i.e. servers, storage and networks) on a single x86 type hardware platform.

SPIE Communications’ innovative capability covers every aspect of the construction of data centre architectures so as to reduce the complexity of projects and enhance the satisfaction of users when they access their applications. We also provide our customers with advice on new trends that will impact their information systems, such as software-defined data centres, software-defined networks and the cloud,” says David Remaud, Data Centre Development Manager at SPIE Communications.

The presentations will be followed by a round table to answer questions from participants regarding the benefits and the operational, economic and organisational impacts of these new solutions.

Coming dates:

  • Wednesday, April 15 in Amiens,
  • Wednesday, April 22 in Lille,
  • Friday, May 22 in Lyon,
  • Other similar events will be held in Nantes, Nice, Paris and Bordeaux.


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