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Press release
SPIE continues to develop its predictive maintenance offer in the industrial sector

Paris, March 19, 2019 - The Industrie division of SPIE Industrie & Tertiaire, subsidiary of SPIE France, and PREDIKTAS have just signed a partnership agreement for the commercialisation and exploitation of a solution that expands SPIE’s service offering in the area of predictive maintenance. Based on the Internet of Things (IoT), this solution makes it possible to exploit data collected in relation to production equipment using communicating sensors.

A new component of the Smart Industry offering

Together, PREDIKTAS and SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, are offering a solution that improves the reliability and efficiency of sensitive information’s collection from industrial equipment such as electricity generators, air handling units, rotating machines, etc. It relies on the exploitation of data transmitted by miniaturised wireless sensors that are energy self-sufficient and communicate via WiFi, SIGFOX, LORA or GPRS networks. These magnetically attached sensors have several measurements channels (sound volume, internal and surface temperatures, vibration velocity, etc.) for monitoring dissipated energy.

Improving productivity while anticipating and reducing production downtime

This partnership is fully in line with the mission of the Industrie division of SPIE Industrie & Tertiaire, which supports demanding industrial customers at every stage of their production tools’ life cycle: identification of critical machines, definition of measurement points, implementation and configuration of specific sensors, online measurements collection, data processing & exploitation in predictive mode, remote or on-site intervention upon receiving alerts generated by the platform, and energy optimisations.

For industrial site operators, this solution provides simple and accessible reporting on any type of terminal thanks to an adaptive digital platform that enhances mobility, and, of course, an immediate warning at the first sign of equipment failure. This leads to a better optimisation of time and maintenance costs, a higher installation availability rate and therefore, a necessary increase in the performance of customers’ production.

The active alliance of our industrial based expertise (automation, robotics, instrumentation, maintenance, energy efficiency and cybersecurity, amongst others) and the development of new disruptive technologies (augmented reality, smartglasses, IoT, unified data management platform) enables us to expand our service offering and respond to the expectations of our clients more effectively”, says Frédéric Toussaint, Managing Director of SPIE Industrie & Tertiaire – Industrie division. “It was in this context that we established ties with PREDIKTAS. We share a demand for agility and responsiveness with this partner and, together with its teams, have explored additional technological expertise enabling us to go further with our value proposition for our industrial customers.

Hugo Esquibet, Managing Director of PREDIKTAS, explains: “Our partnership with SPIE has enabled us to benefit from its network of experts, its knowledge in the industrial sector, and the specific usage scenarios experienced by its customers. We were thus able to co-develop a new generation of sensors that are capable of taking several types of precise measurements in order to address the challenges presented by carrying out maintenance for complex production processes.



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