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Press release
SPIE contributes to the implementation of an innovative bio-based bicycle bridge in the Province of Friesland (The Netherlands)

Wijhe, August 27th, 2018 – SPIE Nederland, a subsidiary of SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, is part of a team in charge of the creation of a movable bio-based bicycle bridge. The final design has been agreed and the preparations for its implementation have begun. The innovative bicycle bridge, made of fibre-reinforced plastic, will meet the standards fixed by SPIE, through close collaboration with the Province of Friesland and Infra Composites.

The new bicycle bridge is replacing the current bridge over the Van Harinxma Canal and will facilitate the safe and comfortable passage of larger ships by achieving a clearance width of 22 metres. The former bridge has already been renovated once and needs replacing as its technical lifespan is coming to an end. The bio-based construction is more sustainable and besides, the bridge will be lighter and requires less maintenance. The multi-technical services provider SPIE is working on a green future through maximum commitment to sustainability and innovation, as this bio-based bicycle bridge demonstrates.

Jos Schoorlemmer, account manager at SPIE Nederland, is involved in the sustainable project along with his colleagues Johan Fleer (project leader) and Wiebe van der Meulen (lead engineer): “Flax and resin are used for the installation of a bio-based object. These are natural products, very different from the steel constructions we’re used to. This results in exciting challenges because the technology we’re using with this bridge has never been applied before. Clients are increasingly requesting hybrid constructions, so we have to go along with this and respond to it.

Provincial Executive Michiel Schrier comments: “Here we’ve gone through a wonderful process with client, contractor, manufacturer and knowledge institutions. This has resulted in a great plan in which infrastructure, circular economy, innovation and knowledge development come together. As a province we can be proud.

The bridge will be brought into service at the beginning of 2019.



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