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SPIE customer scheme wins award

German Energy Agency 2017 Energy Efficiency Award


Berlin, November 24th, 2017 – Energy efficiency 4.0: AIXTRON SE knows how it works. The leading global manufacturer of deposition systems for the semiconductor industry has received the prestigious Energy Efficiency Award 2017 of the German Energy Agency (dena). The competition had drawn in a total of 116 submissions, twelve of which were nominated, including two customer schemes from SPIE.

Together with the client AIXTRON SE, the European independent leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications SPIE implemented a package of energy efficiency measures at AIXTRON SE’s headquarters in Herzogenrath. The scope of services provided by SPIE comprised the further development of the hydraulic systems and control technology, the optimisation of volume flows, the reduction of hydraulic resistance, the intelligent selection of generators and the modification of a heat pump. Other service components included the optimised operation of the recooling plants, the expansion of waste heat utilisation and the establishment of a modern, digital energy management system for continuous remote monitoring of energy consumption.

The result of these energy efficiency measures is impressive: Electricity and gas consumption have been reduced by at least 74%. In total, AIXTRON SE saves more than EUR 200,000 a year with the support of the experts from SPIE Energy Solutions GmbH. This shows what effective and tailored solutions SPIE develops and implements jointly for its customers.

Additional scheme nominated

There were a total of twelve nominations for the German Energy Agency (dena) 2017 Energy Efficiency Award. These included another SPIE customer scheme in the “Energy Management and Services” category: the Klinikum am Bruderwald hospital in Bamberg. The building technology here was modernised, saving energy and lowering costs. In addition to extensive measures to increase energy efficiency, a new combined power, heat/steam and cooling plant was installed with 1,067 kW of electrical production and around 1,200 kW of thermal production – including 400 kW in the form of steam. In the summer, a maximum of 500 kW of cooling production is generated from excess cogeneration unit heating.

About the award: The international Energy Efficiency Award is offered by dena on an annual basis. It is endowed with a total of EUR 30,000 and is organised under the auspices of the German Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, Brigitte Zypries. The award is conferred for projects that advance the energy transition particularly effectively. The expert jury assessed a total of 116 applications according to the criteria of energy saving, climate protection relevance, profitability, the degree of innovation and transferability to other companies.

Image Caption:
From left to right: Andreas Kuhlmann, Chief Executive of dena, Germany’s Energy Agency, Peter Antic, Managing Director of SPIE Energy Solutions GmbH, Dr. Felix Grawert, President AIXTRON SE, Karl-Heinz Göbbels, Head of Facility Management AIXTRON SE, Thorsten Herdan, Director General for Energy, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. (Source : dena, German Energy Agency)


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