The SPIE dossiers

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SPIE: the city of the future will be a smart city!

To respond to the sustainable development objectives fixed by the Grenelle de l’environnement, it is necessary to drastically reduce our energy consumption. In big cities, to achieve these objectives, the management of all the streams (energy, transport, water...) must be controlled.
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Global warming: SPIE works for a sustainable city

To reduce the harmful environmental impact of greenhouse gases and fight against climate change, it is essential to rethink urban development. Eco-Mobility, or clean transport, is an important aspect of sustainable development.
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SPIE: electric technology and clean car

As an integrator of charging electric stations for electric vehicles, SPIE imagines solutions to improve quality and safety of mobility, particularly in big cities.
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Charging stations: SPIE supports the boom of electric cars

To fight against global warming, urban development must be completely rethought, and integrate the deployment of intelligent transport system. Thanks to an offer of charging infrastructure for electric cars, SPIE guides its customers through this mutation in France and Europe.
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