SPIE: electric technology and clean car

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As an integrator of charging electric stations for electric vehicles, SPIE imagines solutions to improve quality and safety of mobility, particularly in big cities.

In those days, it is necessary to reduce greenhouse gases emissions in order to make cities less polluted, more pleasant to live, but also to achieve the objectives of reduction of the energy consumption. To meet these needs and improve energy efficiency, the electric vehicle, as a clean car, plays an important role.

The necessary development of the electric car

Therefore, public and private players must act now by constructing more efficient buildings, using the entire range of renewable energies (solar, biomass, wind...). For that matter, it is also necessary to consider smarter individual and collective transport systems such as electric cars, electric buses, hybrid vehicles... In a context where the pollution goes growing (fine particles, CO₂, but also noise pollution...), the electric vehicle has many assets as it generates no CO₂ emissions and is very quiet.

Moreover, the electric car meets the emerging needs for mobility. Indeed, the majority of car drivers used to take their car over short distances: 83% of the journeys do not exceed 100 km. With only a single driver, a vehicle is often under used and not consistent with eco mobility practices. It contributes to massive CO₂ emissions and congestion in the roads, already overloaded. In cities, where 70% of the French population live, the free access cars appear therefore as a good way to achieve environmental objectives.

SPIE and the clean car: electric technology and spirit of service

The beginning of century has been the stage of technological advances of electric cars with more and more advanced charging technics and the new generation of electric battery. This type of cars has thus become more attractive, more efficient and now has an increased autonomy. It is today possible to charge its electric vehicle in different modes; regular, accelerated and fast (in 30 minutes).

And the trend is not about to reverse: in 2020, the autonomy will reach over 500 km with very short charging time.

According to the needs of their clients as well as manufacturers, SPIE offers advanced solutions of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles entirely adapted to their constraints: connectedness (cloud), services (monetization), electric supply… The company has built a North/South axis of charging stations for the manufacturer Tesla Motors and proceeded to the installation of advanced charging stations, allowing to reach an autonomy of 400 km in 20 minutes.

Thanks to its strong expertise in smart grids and as an integrator of services, SPIE is every day involved in consulting with their clients: the company helps them making the best choice of charging solutions to optimize their costs and supports them in the supervision and management of their network.