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Press release
SPIE Est carries out work worth €15 million for Chalon's new hospital
William Morey Hospital in Chalon-sur-Saône is to move to a new site in the town. This project, representing a major investment for the region, entails the construction of two new buildings:
  • the hospital itself, to be named Nouvel Hôpital du Chalonnais (NHC), with a total area of 70,800 sq. m. and comprising several different specialised departments on five storeys,
  • and a power generating plant.
A comprehensive work package covering all fluid systems, including HVAC, plumbing and sanitation, medical fluid, and pneumatic systems and cold rooms has been entrusted to a consortium made up of SPIE Est and its subsidiary Mouillot, consortium leader Tunzini and Air Liquide Santé. The services to be provided by Mouillot's personnel cover the following sanitary and plumbing installations:
  • sanitary appliances,
  • water supply to buildings,
  • cold water distribution,
  • sanitary hot water distribution and treatment,
  • wastewater drainage with buried sewage systems under the buildings,
  • waste treatment,
  • fire-extinguishing system,
  • balneotherapy,
  • benches for offices, nurseries and laboratories.
The HVAC work to be carried out by teams from Bourgogne Franche Comté HVAC department includes:
  • the powerplant, with the installation of four 1,150 kW water condensation chilling units, 20 air coolers and a hot water production system for heating (9,500 kW) connected to the town's urban heating network,
  • buried connecting networks between the hospital and the powerplant (320 m),
  • eight substations with secondary hot and cold water distribution systems and sanitary hot water production system,
  • a centralised hospital management system with 8,000 terminals covering all the work packages in the project.
This comprehensive package is worth €32.5 million, including Mouillot's share of €8 million and €7 million for the Bourgogne Franche Comté HVAC department. Work is to start in the near future and is scheduled to last 40 months. Contact SPIE SA
Pascal Omnès 
Communications director
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