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Press release
SPIE Est installs the electrical systems for the future Würth Arts Centre in Alsace
German industrialist and arts patron Professor Reinhold Würth is launching the construction of an arts centre on the site of the head office of his group's French subsidiary south of Strasbourg. This centre, with a total floor area of 3,500 sq. m., will include:
  • three exhibition rooms covering an area of about 900 sq. m. including an extra-high room (9 m) for monumental work;
  • a music and conference hall with an area of about 300 sq. m. fitted with 224 seats, a teaching room, a library, a shop and a cafeteria;
  • administrative offices;
  • technical rooms.

The Alsace regional office of SPIE Est has been entrusted with the high and low voltage electrical contracting work, worth a total of about €1.3 million. The high-voltage systems for installed power of 1,600 KVA will supply the power for lighting, power receptacles, and various other functions including air conditioning and air treatment in particular. The Art Centre's lighting systems, devised by the designers of the lighting system in the room housing the Mona Lisa in the Louvre museum, will be specially adapted to the specific principles of this type of building. All the lighting fittings for public exhibition areas will be controlled from the reception area by a centralised management system. The special lighting in exhibition rooms will be provided, partly, by natural lighting via glass units rising above the building and fitted with shutter systems and, partly, by artificial lighting by means of lighting strips. This combination of systems must ensure constant lighting levels that are predefined according to the works exhibited. Additional lighting of exhibition walls will be provided by specific spotlights aimed at the works displayed. The low-voltage systems to be installed mainly comprise voice, data and image distribution, fire detection and access control. The new arts centre is scheduled to open in January 2008. It is one of the Würth Foundation's 10 museums located in various countries, including those at the Würth Group head office, in Künzelsau, and in Schwäbisch Hall, in Germany. Contact SPIE SA
Pascal Omnès
Communications director
Tel.: +33 (0)1 34 22 58 21