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Press release
SPIE Facilities and SPIE CityNetworks: Two new French subsidiaries serving the Group’s strategy

On January 1st, SPIE announced the creation of two new subsidiaries for its France segment*: SPIE CityNetworks, devoted to the telecom and outdoor networks markets, and SPIE Facilities, devoted to the building maintenance and facility management markets. Operating nationwide, these two new entities will absorb these activities that were previously undertaken by the Group's five regional multi-technical subsidiaries. These subsidiaries will refocus their regional activities on the industrial, tertiary and transport markets. The newly created subsidiaries will offer innovative services that are adapted to their clients' needs and organisations.

A new dynamic for SPIE in France*

These two new subsidiaries, which are created as part of SPIE's “Ambition 2020” business strategy in France, will be able to cater more appropriately to the needs of their respective markets and to drive forward a new dynamic of business development. “The objective of Ambition 2020 is to help our organisations evolve to better capitalise on growth opportunities – in particular, by developing national and Europe-wide services, combined with greater regional proximity”, states Gilles Brazey, SPIE's Chief Operating Officer for France. “These two new subsidiaries will also help increase the visibility of SPIE’s services and improve the teams’ efficiency”.

Promoting development

SPIE CityNetworks, which is focused on telecom and outdoor networks, has 2,600 employees at over 130 locations. As a major actor in the Smart City market, it offers its public and private-sector customers innovative solutions, which serve municipalities and their inhabitants:

  • high-added-value services at the center of local activities (electric mobility, urban video surveillance, efficient public lighting, etc.)
  • assistance with their national and regional contracts for the implementation of digital technology in municipalities (research, design, manufacture and maintenance in the context of partnerships spanning the whole value chain).

In all these sectors, there is no shortage of development prospects: continuing the rollout of 4G and then 5G networks, participation in “France’s Very High-Speed Network” Plan, large-scale rollout of electric vehicle charging infrastructure (in 2015, there were fewer than 10,000 charge points, but there should be 7 million by 2030), renovation and modernisation of public lighting installations (there are 3.6 million lampposts which are over 25 years old), etc. 

SPIE Facilities, which is focused on building maintenance and facility management, has 2,600 employees based at 65 locations. It offers its clients in the residential/tertiary and industrial sectors (property assets) solutions to the latest technological, energy and environmental issues. Its mission will be to offer and deploy services to improve buildings’ energy performance and occupants’ comfort in this fast-growing market. In particular, SPIE Facilities will offer the latest innovations in predictive services: digital platforms, applications, Internet of Things (IoT), Analytics and User Experience. With contracts becoming significantly globalised and services becoming increasingly digitised, the organisation of this new, national subsidiary perfectly serves new market requirements.

Leadership of the new subsidiaries

The following directors were appointed to head up the two new subsidiaries, on January 1st 2017:

  • Luc Sauze, SPIE CityNetworks Managing Director - Luc Sauze, an engineer with a degree from ENSEA (Cergy), and a management diploma from Montpellier, joined the SPIE group in 2000. He served as Director of Operations at SPIE Sud-Est between 2006 and 2016, when he was appointed Infrastructure and Telecoms Services Director for France.
  • Vincent Magnon, SPIE Facilities Managing Director - Vincent Magnon, who obtained a degree from INSA Lyon and an Executive MBA from HEC, joined SPIE ICS in 2001 as department head. He was appointed Regional Director of SPIE Sud-Est in 2006, and then Operations Director of SPIE Est in 2012, before being named Managing Director of SPIE ICS in 2014. In addition to his new position, Vincent Magnon will continue to be SPIE ICS’ Managing Director.
  • Philippe Barrière, SPIE Facilities Deputy Managing Director - Philippe Barrière, an engineer from ESIEE, joined SPIE in 1986. He became Operations Director at SPIE Île-de-France Nord-Ouest in 2013 and Tech FM Director for France in 2016.

SPIE CityNetworks and SPIE Facilities are simplified joint-stock companies that are headquartered in Saint-Denis.

Strengthen SPIE's position as an independent leader in France*

Employing 16,200 employees across nearly 300 locations, the France segment of SPIE* now comprises:

  • Five regional subsidiaries (SPIE Île-de-France Nord-Ouest, SPIE Est, SPIE Sud-Est, SPIE Sud-Ouest, SPIE Ouest-Centre) with redistributed workloads, meaning they are able to be more agile and focus on the Industrial, Tertiary and Transport markets.
  • 3 national subsidiaries: SPIE Facilities, SPIE CityNetworks and SPIE ICS.

All the subsidiaries in the France segment* will work under the brand SPIE, which is a guarantee of their excellent performance.

* as defined in the financial report.


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