SPIE France

SPIE France is positioned as a global player in energy, digital and industrial transition.

With radical changes taking place, SPIE France has positioned itself as a global player in energy, digital and industrial transitions. SPIE France, a subsidiary of the SPIE group, offers solutions that provide support to companies, industries and regions for the emergence of a low-carbon society.
SPIE France employs more than 19,000 employees across 400 sites.

SPIE France relies on its six subsidiaries:

  • SPIE ICS is a French digital services company. With its strong background in integration and IT management, SPIE ICS supports the digital transformation of its customers, mid-cap companies and key accounts through its expertise: digital work environment, infrastructures, Cloud, Smart Data and cybersecurity. Committed to a responsible digital approach, SPIE ICS was the first DSC to be awarded the "Numérique Responsable" ("Responsible Digital") label in October 2021.
  • SPIE Facilities specialises in the technical maintenance of buildings or facility management. SPIE Facilities works alongside its customers to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings and reduce their carbon footprint through the operation and maintenance of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly facilities. SPIE Facilities therefore contributes to improving the quality of life of building occupants.
  • SPIE CityNetworks is the partner for regional performance, specialising in energy and digital networks, city services, and transport and mobility. SPIE CityNetworks designs, constructs, operates and maintains technical facilities and infrastructures that promote the performance, sustainability and attractiveness of regions for the benefit of society.
  • SPIE Nucléaire specialises in the design, construction, operational site works, maintenance and decommissioning of nuclear facilities. Thanks to its expertise in electrical, mechanical, climate and nuclear engineering, SPIE Nucléaire is committed to promoting sustainable and controllable low-carbon energy.
  • SPIE Industrie helps industrial companies to overcome their digital and energy transition challenges. Thanks to its detailed knowledge of its customers' production challenges and its high level of maturity in all markets, SPIE Industrie is involved in the design, construction and maintenance of energy-efficient installations to decarbonise the industrial sector.
  • SPIE Building Solutions specialises in expertise dedicated to building intelligence and performance. SPIE Building Solutions offers solutions to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of buildings and make them safer, better connected and more comfortable. SPIE Building Solutions therefore contributes to improving workspaces and the quality of life of building occupants.


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