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Press release
SPIE France uses its new organisational structure to further its transformation

An ambitious company project to drive performance


Cergy, May 28, 2019 – SPIE France, a subsidiary of the SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, has successfully completed its operational transformation. It is now commencing the phase for embedding its GALILEO company project, which most notably involves the launch of Mobile Safety Schools (MSSs), the roll-out of common procedures and the strengthening of the ONE SPIE culture, which places expertise and value creation at the centre of its development. All of SPIE France’s subsidiaries, together with all of its customers, will benefit from these structural changes.

Driven by its new market-specific organisational structure and supported by its six units (SPIE ICS, SPIE Facilities, SPIE CityNetworks, SPIE Nucléaire, and the Industry and Tertiary divisions of SPIE Industrie & Tertiaire), SPIE France is now more than ever before one of the leaders in providing solutions and services to the energy and communications sectors by pooling all of its expertise together.

The final phase of its operational transformation ended on 1 January 2019 when the Transport activities were integrated within SPIE CityNetworks and the Lines & Substations activities of SPIE Thépault were positioned as a subsidiary of SPIE Nucléaire.

Mobile Safety Schools at SPIE France’s 400 sites

Another powerful marker of SPIE France’s new organisational structure is the greater focus being place on Safety, which has manifested itself, during the first half of 2019, in the national roll-out of Mobile Safety Schools (MSSs) – an initiative aimed at both SPIE France’s 19,000 employees and its customers, having a very clear message: “We all play a part in Safety! It’s our primary performance commitment”. The MSSs form an integral part of the GALILEO transformation project.

Each of SPIE France’s subsidiaries has its own MSS. The training courses given combine both theoretical and practical work and allow groups limited up to six people to go through the fundamental aspects of the SPIE Health & Safety Code, explore the major risks inherent to the subsidiaries’ activities one by one, and to gain a perfect understanding of the operational requirements and measures for preparing for and carrying out interventions. “Our primary responsibility is to guarantee the safety and security of all our employees, with one sole objective: zero accidents. The Mobile Safety School meets every employee where they work to teach them about our Code”, says Olivier Domergue, Chief Operating Officer of SPIE France.

Common procedures for guaranteeing high performance levels for SPIE France and its subsidiaries

In order to provide long-term support to the structural changes that have been made, a new management system has been put in place at SPIE France. Throughout 2019, 14 procedures will be rolled out in all the subsidiaries and all the sectors.

These new operational methods will be accessible to every employee, and have been devised by taking best practices into account in order to improve collective performance levels, simplify the passing-on of expertise, and increase the quality and uniformity of the goods and services delivered to customers. “This approach respects the specific traits of each of our activities and incorporates, as a common denominator, the management of risks and opportunities”, attests Charlyse Antoine, SPIE France’s Quality Director.

A ONE SPIE culture for targeting the markets more effectively

The ONE SPIE approach is a company-wide culture that defines and differentiates SPIE France and its subsidiaries, and is a crucial driver for its development. It pools the expertise of SPIE France’s different divisions and thus makes it easier for value-creating solutions to be devised, based on bringing together new technologies and multi-technical services.

As one of the pillars of SPIE France’s strategy, ONE SPIE is aimed both internally and externally, with employees being targeted just as much as customers and partners. The synergies between the various subsidiaries of SPIE France make it possible to forge simple, customised and multi-disciplinary relationships that always have the same goal – to meet the technical, engineering or digital needs of its customers in a complementary way. SPIE France is thus working towards sustainable and responsible growth and is contributing a variety of solutions for tackling the issues faced by its four strategic markets (Smart city, Industry services, Energies and e-fficient buildings.)

This new phase will contribute to the sustainable performance of SPIE France and its subsidiaries, and will allow them to effortlessly overcome any new challenges that may arise.


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