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SPIE GmbH moves to Ratingen

Ratingen, April 20th, 2017 – SPIE GmbH proves every day that it can shoulder large operations for its customers and puts these skills into practice inside the company too: around 230 employees have moved to Ratingen, where SPIE GmbH now has its headquarters. The new building is energy-efficient with state-of-the-art building management technology. Sustainability plays a big role in the design of the open-plan office concept. The ONE SPIE spirit is also plain to see: the teams work on everything together across all departments – from comprehensive building management technology to industrial facilities and energy solutions to communication networks and sustainability consulting.

Networked technology expertise

At Balcke-Dürr-Allee 7, the new company headquarters brings all areas of work together over four floors. Our specialised subsidiaries have collaborated in designing and delivering the building: SPIE Fleischhauer installed all the media technology. The LEED-certified building from the planning office RS-Partner meets all of the company’s requirements. It is particularly energy efficient. SPIE Energy Solutions ensures the optimum supply of green energy. Every LED light, every computer and every coffee machine is run on green electricity. Different colours have been used intelligently in the office spaces and common areas to designate individual departments: TechFM, Industrial Services, Energy Efficiency, Information and Communication Services and Consulting. These colours are also used on our website.

Innovative features

Sustainability is evident everywhere. There is a charging station for electric cars in front of the building, and e-bikes can be charged in the underground car park. Even the little ones were considered: four places at a daycare centre allow young parents to rejoin working life with a minimum of fuss.

It is not just the team who are happy here – Managing Director Markus Holzke is also delighted with the new location: “The spacious building and the modern work concept will support our growth, and it is open for the new, larger corporate network with our newly acquired company SAG. All teams from all departments will be able to cooperate better here in the future. This is a true reflection of our ONE SPIE corporate philosophy: we are one.”



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