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Press release
SPIE helps build Crédit Agricole’s new regional head office in Le Mans

Collaborative use of BIM* is central to this HQE project


Saint-Herblain, April 24th, 2017 – SPIE Ouest-Centre is helping to build the new head office of Crédit Agricole Anjou-Maine on the outskirts of Le Mans. Signed by the SPIE group subsidiary in December 2015, this climate engineering contract makes extensive use of BIM* technology, maximising the efficiency of on-site work while ensuring that the equipment installed will be easy to maintain over the long term.

For Crédit Agricole Anjou-Maine, this new head office in Le Mans’ University district is a chance to embrace the latest energy-saving technology and design a building that meets French HQE (High Environmental Quality) standard. With over 10,000 m2 of space, the new building will house four floors of offices, a local branch of the bank and a conference hall, as well as a restaurant which will be open to staff from other companies.

Following a nine-month design phase, SPIE Ouest-Centre’s climate engineering staff has been working on site since the third quarter of 2016.

High Environmental Quality: an exemplary eco-building

SPIE Ouest-Centre staff has installed low-energy suspended ceilings, in line with the overall requirement for an HQE-certified building. Covering a total of 3,400 m², including 2,700 m² of active areas, the reflective metal ceilings help to heat and cool the office spaces. This process stops hot and cool air flows from being impeded by furniture at floor level, which both saves money and allows for softer, more even circulation.

SPIE Ouest-Centre’s contract also involves the installation of an energy generation system, based on two 350 kW heat pumps and a 130 kW thermorefrigerating pump. This form of heat pump technology includes an energy recovery system and can produce hot and cold water simultaneously, in line with the latest environmental requirements.

Working on a digital model: SPIE Ouest-Centre rises to the challenge

At Crédit Agricole’s request, the general contractors designed this large-scale project using BIM* technology. “Creating a three-dimensional virtual digital model of every part of the system made it easy for us to visualise where the equipment would be, ensure that it fitted in with the architectural design, deal with all the technical constraints and overcome spatial clashes,” comments Franck Babu, Commercial Development Manager in SPIE Ouest-Centre’s Climate Engineering operating division. Once construction work is complete, it will be possible to unify the separate BIM* models into a single overall model that combines the expertise of every contractor involved.

SPIE Ouest-Centre’s staff who has been designing projects in 3D since 2007 carried out their work for this project on an internal digital model. This change made it necessary for the staff to receive detailed training in a specific software application before the work began.

Franck Babu is pleased with how things went: “Building Information Modelling is both a design and construction tool evolving in line with changes being made to the project during the construction phase. BIM* virtual digital modelling not only enhances the performance of our staff, but will also enable the building manager of Crédit Agricole’s new regional office to monitor technical data and equipment maintenance on a centralised basis.”

* Building Information Modelling



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