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Press release
SPIE ICS encourages responsible solidarity

Malakoff, 13 June 2016 – As part of its "Social and Environmental Responsibility" policy, SPIE ICS, the SPIE group’s digital services subsidiary, is taking new action to show solidarity, in partnership with the Puteaux-based 'solidarity grocery' called "Grenier des 4 Saisons" (4 Seasons Granary), and with the support of the cooperative organisation, "Ça Me Regarde" (That's My Business).

Although immersed in technological challenges, SPIE ICS does not forget its values: proximity and responsibility. The key idea is not so much to subsidise an organisation in the welfare sector as to suggest that employees offer some of their time to get more personally involved in a project to show their solidarity.

Moving from words to deeds is a state of mind that is very fitting for the Puteaux-based, 'solidarity grocery' [selling very low cost food items for people in financial difficulties], which opened in 2010, in partnership with the local branch of the French Red Cross and National Association for the Development of Community Supermarkets (ANDES).

At a seminar, no fewer than 140 participants lent a hand for a full 2 hours to make unique, personalised gift boxes for families in straitened circumstances. The participants were very keen to demonstrate their creativity, transforming simple cardboard boxes into real works of art, to delight tiny tots and grown-ups alike!

Each box was put together to meet the families' specific needs before being distributed on 25 May.

This first attempt was overwhelmingly popular, not just with the beneficiaries and participants, but also with other SPIE ICS employees who have now already indicated their willingness to get involved in future operations.

"I am very pleased at the numerous expressions of interest made by our employees" said Corinne Figuereo, Business Director for the SPIE ICS Public and Industrial division. "It was a real challenge for the organisers, to set up a form of action to demonstrate solidarity that would be appealing and motivating to people. There was no room for error and we are more motivated than ever to go on."

Following this first milestone, the objective is to ensure the long-term continuation of these operations and to organise them regularly during the year, even to encourage true vocations amongst employees.

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Communications Officer
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