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SPIE ICS sets up a Chair in IoT

Malakoff, 1st July 2016 – SPIE ICS, the SPIE group’s digital services subsidiary, and the INSA Lyon Foundation announce their joint creation of a teaching and research chair in the Internet of Things (IoT). This is part of a sponsorship activity.

In the last few years, the Internet of Things has emerged as one of the powerful economic levers in the digital industry. The potential for this market is estimated at 940 billion euro by 2025 (1). Its development requires in-depth thought about the scientific and technical challenges as well as societal issues. Within this context, digital transformation also entails a complete change of technology!

In order to provide a joint response to the scientific challenges associated with the Internet of Things, the two partners have opted to rely on their respective, complementary ecosystems.
Objective: to affirm and increase their expertise in this field.

Backed by the CITI laboratory (Centre of Innovation in Telecommunications and Integration of service), this chair is being set up within the context of the future technological and social upheaval entailed by the Internet of Things. It will closely involve the skills of the laboratory within the IoT theme and will aim to develop and promote SPIE ICS and INSA Lyon know-how through a research programme aimed at innovation.

"The creation of this chair is part of the transformation strategy we have initiated within SPIE ICS, the aim of which is to respond to digital change in companies and to the vertical markets' digitisation requirements", says Vincent Magnon, Managing Director of SPIE ICS. "This partnership also provides the opportunity for us to spot and bring together talented young engineers, whilst working on the emergence of the innovations of the future."

The inauguration of the "IoT" chair will take place on Thursday, 3rd November this year. It will enable the parties involved to build and develop a network of academic and/or industrial partners able to give thought, together, to the problematic issues posed by the IoT. The idea is also to identify the fields in which technologies may be able to provide an innovative answer.

The chair will encourage the development of discussions and teaching on the theme of the Internet of Things amongst the various audiences concerned. It will also include a transfer of skills and knowledge element, regarding lecturers, researchers, doctoral and post-doctoral students at the INSA, as well as SPIE ICS engineers and IoT engineering students.

"This chair will offer us privileged access to research work, so as to establish ourselves firmly in the market as a key player in IoT-related digital services", adds Vincent Magnon.

"INSA Lyon is a major research centre with a unique local base that is part training, part research laboratories and part socio-economic environments. The research conducted here is focused around significant societal issues, resonating with the challenges of innovation faced by companies. They come to us seeking scientific expertise and open innovation, and that leads to the establishment of chairs in teaching and research. This is about a strong-willed, proactive policy of collaboration with the key companies tackling major issues facing society, thus offering our area the means to face up to the technological changes of our day with equanimity", emphasizes Eric Maurincomme, the director of INSA Lyon.

About the INSA Lyon school of engineering

Located on the Lyon Tech – La Doua Campus in Villeurbanne, INSA Lyon is one of France's leading engineering schools.
Multidisciplinary and international, and lying at the heart of the European Higher Education Area, over a 5-year curriculum, it trains humanist, multi-skilled engineers who are both innovative and armed with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. INSA Lyon applies a policy of excellence, implemented at every level and also awards around 150 doctorates a year.
INSA Lyon, the first national institute of applied sciences (INSA) to be founded in 1957, has always been strongly ambitious in terms of social awareness and openness, and awards degrees to over 1,000 engineers a year in 9 areas of specialisation. With its 770 research lecturers who are active within 23 laboratories on a daily basis, INSA Lyon is also an internationally renowned research hub.



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