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SPIE inaugurates a chair in IoT

Thursday November 3rd 2016 at 10am - INSA Lyon Campus*


Malakoff, October 27th, 2016 – SPIE ICS, the SPIE group’s digital services subsidiary, and INSA Lyon announce their joint inauguration of a teaching and research chair in the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Internet of Things has emerged as one of the powerful economic levers in the digital industry. The potential for this market is estimated at 940 billion euro by 20251. Its development requires in-depth thought about the scientific and technical challenges as well as societal issues. Within this context, digital transformation also entails a complete change of technology!

In order to provide a joint response to the scientific challenges associated with the Internet of Things, the two partners have opted to rely on their respective, complementary ecosystems.
Objective: to affirm and increase their expertise in this field.

Backed by the CITI laboratory (Centre of Innovation in Telecommunications and Integration of service), this chair is being set up within the context of the future technological and social upheaval entailed by the Internet of Things. It will closely involve the skills of the laboratory within the IoT theme and will aim to develop and promote the know-how of SPIE ICS, the first digital services provider to appoint a chair, and INSA Lyon, through a research programme aimed at innovation.

The creation of this chair is part of our aim to ‘simplify the digital experience’ and to co-construct innovative solutions with stakeholders so as to support them in their digital transformation”, says Vincent Magnon, Managing Director of SPIE ICS. “The value of the IoT lies not just in the things themselves but also in the services. We are hoping to capitalise on this ‘Internet of services’ chair to reinforce our position as a real IoT contributor for the local community.”

The IoT chair will enable the parties involved to build and develop a network of academic and/or industrial partners able to give thought, together, to the problematic issues posed by the IoT. The idea is also to identify the fields in which technologies may be able to provide an innovative answer, particularly when it comes to usage. The IoT chair will encourage the development of discussions and teaching on the theme of the Internet of Things amongst the various audiences concerned.


The chair’s inauguration on November 3rd will be an opportunity to present a few of the major areas that we plan to work on, so as to encourage the emergence of new technologies.

The following 6 workshops will be offered at the event:

  1. Fast, controlled and robust deployment of IoT nodes. The aim of this session is to demonstrate the importance of software, in a smart building with temperature controls, to enable deployment that is simple, robust in terms of data distribution and smart in terms of its ability to make independent decisions.
  2. The movement tracking device that respects privacy. How can we make sure that the recording of people’s movements, via Wi-Fi signals from smartphones, does not compromise personal privacy?
  3. “Internet of tiny things”: moving towards embedded communication systems with no batteries required. This workshop aims to give an overview of the various alternative technologies that exist for supplying energy to standalone systems.
  4. Entering the smart clothing era: challenges and opportunities. An opportunity to discover, through the location of individuals, the various applications and problems associated with a wireless body area network (WBAN).
  5. Objects connected by light. This workshop will focus on the use of communications by visible light in the context of connected objects, in particular LED-to-camera and camera-to-LED technologies.
  6. Cooperation between mobile robots for observation of complex scenes. An excellent chance to find out about the work being conducted by the CITI, this workshop aims to explore the issues of spatial coordination and data distribution in the construction of information and, specifically, in the generation of a map of the environment surrounding an individual’s activity.

The IoT chair will also include a transfer of skills and knowledge element, regarding lecturers, researchers, doctoral and post-doctoral students at the INSA, as well as SPIE ICS engineers and IoT engineering students.

* INSA Lyon - 20 avenue Albert Einstein - 69621 Villeurbanne

[1] AT Kearney - The Internet of Things: A New Path to European Prosperity  



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