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Press release
SPIE launches the first completely sustainable development compatible annual report
With Rich Media technology, learning more about our company is fun - and eco friendly. With the release of its 2007 annual report, SPIE is launching the first virtual annual report offering full voice synthesis capability and print-on-demand service by using a process with every eco-responsible certification currently applicable in the printing field. This new document is the latest addition to the Group's virtual library. Available on, this customary corporate document has broken with tradition to become an interactive informative and entertaining tool offering a wide variety of contents including 3D, videos, dynamic graphics, slide shows, integral voice synthesis and interactive internal and web links. And everything "absolutely everything" is illustrated with animations. The company's very formal "official" annual report for a restricted circle of readers is turning into a dynamic virtual experience that will attract everyone interested in the company. The new-generation annual report is simple and reader-friendly. Its browser interface provides a great many special features: full-screen display, numerous interactive links, choice of languages, mouse movement detection system to turn pages with a simple motion of the hand, possibility of inserting virtual bookmarks at selected pages and sending them to other people, etc. The aims of this cascade of innovations are to reach a wider-than-usual public, increase the impact and accessibility of the Group's publications, and increase the use of documents while reducing their impact of the environment. An annual report fully compatible with sustainable development
The virtual version of the 2007 annual report is, above all, more easily accessible. Internet users can enjoy all the articles in this document using its integrated voice synthesis engine. The browser interface, which can be fully operated via the keyboard, is equipped with a dynamic zoom which can magnify the document x3,000 for partially-sighted readers while retaining all its interactive functions. Graphics can be displayed in various modes at the reader's choice (e.g. pie charts or bar charts). Developed by Bee-Buzziness, the Rich Media technology adopted by SPIE aims to meet the Group's environmental requirements. This technology offers a print-on-demand (POD) option, enabling Internet users to obtain the annual report printed on recycled paper in just 48 hours by using the Doc@Home function. This "reconstitution" as an on-demand high-definition digital printout reduces the consumption of paper, energy and chemicals to the strict minimum. This use of this function, in its pilot phase for this document, will be gradually extended to all the documents in SPIE's virtual library in order to cut down on traditional printouts. The paper chosen for printing is Cyclus. This ecological paper fully satisfies the eco -responsible requirements applicable to printing processes (forestry certifications, environmental standards, Eco-labels, product and chemical approvals) including the Imprim' Vert label. This label gives three essential guarantees: proper management of hazardous waste, safety of hazardous product storage facilities, and the elimination of toxic products from workshops. e-communication is booming at SPIE
"In every sector of the economy covered by SPIE, our mission is to provide the best of technology for our customers in order to support their development. In the field of communication too, we are endeavouring to develop approaches and tools that reflect that ambition in order to give the best we can to everyone interested in our Group," explains Pascal Omnès, SPIE's Communications Director. "These latest innovations are part of SPIE's e-communication strategy which was started to support the launch of its new identity in 2006. They are in line with and build on our previous achievements offering: websites, online high-definition photo library, webcast, virtual press library and daily summary reports, etc." By harnessing the combined strengths of different media, SPIE now offers a new way of learning about its activities and consulting all its documentation. Watch this space... Media contacts

Pascal Omnès
Communications Director
Tel. : +33 (0)1 34 22 58 21
e-mail :

Agence Droit Devant
Philippe Hériard
Tel. : +33 (0)1 45 77 02 45
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