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Press release
SPIE launches a new generation of books
For the first time, all the latest advances in publishing and multimedia technology have been combined in a single book. "Une histoire de SPIE, Naître et renaître" (A history of SPIE, Birth and rebirth) gives an unprecedented insight into the story of this major French industrial group.

SPIE launches a new generation of books

Today, SPIE unveils a major publishing and Internet innovation with the launch of a book entitled "Une histoire de SPIE, Naître et renaître". Heralding a new mode of publication, this work is not only a physical book linked to the Internet (hyperbook) but also a multi-platform e-book (available for iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android tablets, etc.) providing access to a virtual library and a social network. When a book meets technological progress
Written by former SPIE Chairman Jean Monville with a preface by the Group's present Chairman and CEO, Gauthier Louette, this edition of the book has been augmented in every sense of the word: as a hyperbook, it incorporates printed tags, or QR codes (Quick Response codes). These can be scanned by smartphone owners to access augmented or multimedia hypercontent via the Internet. These enrichments, including sound, video, photos, web links and animations, add to the written text and expand the reading experience. As an e-book, this work is freely accessible online in an interactive virtual rich-media format at The electronic version offers a wealth of supplementary hypercontent. It also includes advanced features such as digital access to content for disabled people plus compatibility with Web 2.0: all the book's contents can be shared via social networks, and its Facebook page provides a link between the author and his readers. This e-book is designed for compatibility with most hardware platforms (PC, Mac, iPad and Android tablets, smartphones, touchscreens, etc.) without the need to install any plugins or other software.
The many innovative features provided include real-time 3D animation providing step-by-step guidance for "hyper-readers", and a webcam-based augmented-reality experience showing the author himself presenting his work inside the book! Rebirth of a heritage
The online version,, opens the doors of a virtual library containing documents tracing the Group's history. These previously-unavailable documents have been digitised especially for this project, and readers can use interactive icons to browse no fewer than 60 of them, and some of their photos were used to illustrate the books. Reconciling printed and digital sales
This book is supplied with a bookmark which works as a digital key giving buyers access to the download platform at, and allowing them to download a "takeaway" digital version that can then be consulted offline on a variety of hardware, including PC, Mac, iPad and Android tablet. A company, its personnel and 150 years of industrial history
Société de Construction des Batignolles, Schneider and SPIE were three different firms with their own cultures and their own long histories which joined forces when they merged at the end of the 1960s. From then on, they continued their journey together, along with other European companies which joined them further down the road. This story stretches over more than 150 years, from the time of the July Monarchy to the present day, spanning devastating wars, conquests and the collapse of colonial empires. From the industrial age of iron and steam, to the development of electricity and on to the era of broadband networks, Jean Monville paints the portraits of the businessmen and businesses that lay at the Group's origins in the 19th century and those that steered its subsequent development. He describes the political and economic events that affected its evolution, the key phases of its development and its achievements along the way. Adopting a more journalistic style when relating the current period, SPIE's honorary chairman also gives his own personal and heartfelt view of the recent history of this major French industrial player that has become a European leader in energy and communication services. "This augmented edition of Jean Monville's book celebrates the Group's return as a fully independent company in 2006 when it readopted its historic name of SPIE," says Pascal Omnès, SPIE Group Communication Director, who initiated the project. "Incorporating all the digital technologies developed by SPIE, with the support of our partner BeeBuzziness and as part of the Group's comprehensive Print-Web-Mobile e-communication strategy, "Une histoire de SPIE, Naître et renaître" is an as-yet-unmatched editorial ecosystem adventure. It's more than a book ! it's a digital origami providing an insight into SPIE's history and into what books may look like in the future. It demonstrates, to anyone who might still have doubts about it, that digital and print technologies, far from being at odds with one another, can be blended together into a marvellous hybrid composition." Title: Une histoire de SPIE, Naître et renaître
Publisher: Editions Michel de Maule
Price in France: €39
ISBN: 978 -2-87-623-278-5
Available in bookshops in France from 20 January 2011 The authors: Jean Monville, who graduated from France's Ecole Polytechnique engineering school in 1963, joined the SPIE Group in 1978 and became its Chairman and CEO in 1997 after organising the employee buyout of the company. He was subsequently Chairman of SPIE from 2006 to 2009, and has been the honorary chairman since 2010. Xavier Bezançon, executive officer of the French building contractors' association, Entreprises Générales de France BTP). A doctor of economic sciences and doctor at law, he has focused his research activities on the history of public works and service contracts. Contacts Presse

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