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Personal data protection charter for the @SPIE application

Article 1 - Definitions of terms used in the charter

The meaning of the terms used herein is as follows:

  • Application: the @SPIE application and all its pages and screens.
  • Publisher: SPIE, responsible for publishing the application and for its contents.
  • User: the internet user visiting and using the application services.

Article 2 – Introduction to and role of the charter

The purpose of this charter is to inform you of the application's commitments regarding respect for your privacy and protection of any personal data about you that is gathered and processed when you use the application.

You may, at any time, submit a request to SPIE to learn what information SPIE holds regarding you, to object to the processing of that information, or to get it altered or deleted, by contacting the publication director at the following address:

Article 3 – Data collected within the application

The @SPIE application will not have access to your personal phone information (phone number, address book, picture and video galleries, camera, etc.). The @SPIE application does not require specific permission for non-employees of SPIE. The @SPIE application does not require the user's geolocation.

The data that is collected and later processed by the application is what you may voluntarily send us by filling in the various forms found within the application. For certain operations on the contents, you may be called upon to send data about you to third parties through their own services. We do not have the said data at our disposal as collection and processing of such data is governed by the terms and conditions specific to these third parties. We recommend that, in this context, you read the terms and conditions before providing your data.

Your IP address (Internet identifier assigned to your computer or device) is not automatically collected.

Article 4 – Purposes of the collected data

The data that is classed as mandatory on the application's forms is needed in order for you to be able to benefit from the application's corresponding functions and, more specifically, from operations on the contents offered within the application.

Data that is collected automatically by the application may enable statistics to be determined regarding the display of its pages and screens, use of its functions, and progress on its installation or uninstallation on the device.

Article 5 – Recipients and use of the collected data

The data collected by us about you is processed for the purpose of performing operations on the contents of the application. You are likely to receive notifications from the application. You can ask to stop receiving these notifications by changing your preference settings on your phone.

Article 6 – Data security

Please note that your data may be divulged in the course of the implementation of a law or regulation or pursuant to a ruling made by a regulatory authority or competent legal authority or, if it should prove necessary, in order for the publisher to protect its rights and interests.

Article 7 – Data storage duration

The data that is collected is kept strictly for the duration needed in order to fulfil the purposes referred to above. After that duration, the data will be stored purely for statistical purposes and will not give rise to any use of any kind whatsoever.


Download the @SPIE application

The app is available on the Apple and Android stores. Download it here: