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SPIE lends a hand to Electriciens sans Frontières

On April 25th 2015, Nepal was shaken by a powerful earthquake. In response to this urgent situation the French non-governmental organization , “Electriciens sans frontières” (Electricians without borders,) dispatched nine volunteers to assist with emergency work. SPIE Oil & Gas Services in Qatar sprang immediately into action to support its many Nepalese employees. Luckily, none of the employees had family living in the earthquake zone, but given the enormous devastation, they decided to demonstrate their support to Nepal alongside Electriciens sans frontières.

The SPIE partnership with this NGO, which began in 2010, gained momentum with the assignment of a SPIE electrician, Lalit Hamal, to lend a hand in the disaster area during a 4-week mission. A native, Lalit is fluent in Nepalese; an essential advantage in isolated villages where English isn’t always understood. Lalit helped install some thirty solar-powered street lamps, two power generators and dozens of solar powered phone chargers in order to restore basic services like water, electricity and telecommunications so that the emergency response effort could be organized. In addition to this on the ground action, SPIE Oil & Gas Services also organized a fundraising campaign. Along with the financial contribution made by SPIE at the Group level, this donation made it possible to buy lighting and small power generators to bring electricity to earthquake-affected areas. As well as Lalit Hamal’s involvement in Nepal, two retired SPIE employees have joined Electriciens sans frontières as volunteers.



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