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Press release
SPIE looks to conquer new markets in Île de France Nord-Ouest

A focus on energy transition


Cergy, April 19th, 2017 – SPIE Île-de-France Nord-Ouest is reviewing its organisation in order to meet the new challenges represented by energy transition and digital development. Drawing on its long-standing expertise in the fields of mechanical engineering, installation & integration of electrical solutions and HVAC* (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), the SPIE group subsidiary plans to become a driving force in the towns and industry of the future.

SPIE Île-de-France Nord-Ouest: working in collaboration to provide high-performance solutions

With energy transition making adaptation a necessity, businesses can no longer content themselves with simply meeting the technical specifications of calls for tenders. In addition to its long-established expertise in the fields of mechanical engineering, installation & integration of electrical solutions and HVAC, SPIE Île-de-France Nord-Ouest is helping to develop new applications for its clients. “Changing requirements and the increasing complexity of services mean that our teams must endeavour to be fully-fledged advisors”, notes Arnaud Tirmarche, Managing Director of SPIE Île-de-France Nord-Ouest. “We are therefore pursuing three objectives: to support businesses in developing solutions most suited to their needs, to promote innovation, and to contribute to the development of installations that meet both the requirements of end consumers and energy efficiency criteria”.

Playing a part in “Ambition 2020”, SPIE’s corporate plan for France

As part of SPIE's corporate plan for France, “Ambition 2020”, SPIE Île-de-France Nord-Ouest is aiming to establish a strong position in high-added-value services in all the areas in which it operates.

In the industrial sector, the SPIE group subsidiary is using as a foundation for its development the expertise of its teams and constant innovation based in particular on the integration of digital solutions such as BIM** on large-scale sites. “We support our industrial clients throughout the value chain to improve their performance, reduce their costs and promote the digitisation of the industry. This sector is clearly a key area for our development”, explains Arnaud Tirmarche.

In the tertiary sector, SPIE Île-de-France Nord-Ouest aims to bring its full weight to bear in a more favourable economic climate. The key to growth is the involvement in large-scale, high-added-value services incorporating new applications linked to energy transition and the deployment of digital technologies. Presence detectors, highly efficient lights, adjustment of lighting depending on natural light levels, automation of air conditioning and heating installations, security devices, etc. - all technologies completely mastered by the teams at SPIE Île-de-France Nord-Ouest to provide users with optimal working conditions.

Lastly, renewed dynamism in the housing sector offers excellent prospects for SPIE Île-de-France Nord-Ouest. “In particular, the aim is to consolidate our presence on the existing housing renovation market in Normandy and in Île-de-France”, Arnaud Tirmarche continues. “Once again, the new requirements in terms of end-user comfort and energy efficiency represent a challenge which SPIE Île-de-France Nord-Ouest is ready to meet. We are in a position to roll out the most high-performance systems: appropriate management of energy consumption, remote control of heating and lighting, access security and videophones, etc.”

A new organisation to increase our local presence

To optimise the solutions offered, it is necessary to work as closely as possible with clients. The structuring of SPIE Île-de-France Nord-Ouest around six operating divisions clearly reflects this intention.

The Haute-Normandie and Hauts-de-France operating divisions cover all the business activities of SPIE Île-de-France Nord-Ouest in the industrial, housing and tertiary sectors. Managed respectively by Christophe Debray and Didier Mariage, they operate from sites which are equally spread across these areas (the Seine valley, Amiens, Beauvais, Compiègne, Noyon, Lilles, Arras, Calais, etc.).

The specific nature of requirements in the Île-de-France region calls for four operating divisions. Offering truly large-scale services, on new or renovation projects, the Tertiary Île-de-France operating division is managed by Olivier Peyredieu du Charlat. Its particular strength is the fact that it combines, in the same business unit, both HVAC and electricity activities. Working in these two areas of activity, the Major Projects operating division, headed by Eric Doutaud, focuses more on large-scale operations. The Housing Île-de-France operating division, managed by Hervé Tessier, offers dual expertise in electricity and plumbing, particularly for property developers.

Lastly, the Industry and Infrastructure operating division, managed by Arnaud Snykerque, offers its expertise to manufacturers and works on major infrastructure sites. In particular, in the coming years the Grand Paris Express project will require real expertise in the areas of transport and design of tunnel equipments (high-voltage installations, lighting, emergency and surveillance equipments, railway signals, etc.).

To further strengthen its close, local relationship with its clients, SPIE Île-de-France Nord-Ouest has made Alain Capao the commercial director for Hauts-de-France and Haute-Normandie, whilst creating a new commercial division in the Île-de-France region, headed by Gildas Prigent.

The drive for innovation within our teams has already helped us to win significant contracts over the past few months”, concludes Arnaud Tirmarche, Managing Director of SPIE Île-de-France Nord-Ouest. “We are now in a strong position to become a key player in the energy transition field throughout our region!”.

*HVAC: heating, ventilation, air conditioning


**Building Information Modelling



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