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Press release
SPIE makes Postbank more energy efficient

Energy management system successfully certified in accordance with ISO 50001


Ratingen, May 4th, 2017 – Postbank wants to systematically reduce its energy consumption. Its partner, SPIE Energy Solutions GmbH, has been helping the company achieve this aim for many years. Now, a new energy management system has been implemented, which complies with international standard ISO 50001. For this purpose, a total of 19 major locations and 42 minor locations of the bank were reviewed as part of a matrix certification. This resulted in Postbank being able to identify an additional energy-saving potential of approximately 1,750,000 kWh of electricity and 2,570,000 kWh of heating every year.

Project management and analysis of the savings potential for the certification were the responsibility of SPIE Energy Solutions GmbH. Its engineers identified the energy flows and performed a thorough evaluation. The result was an ISO 50001-compliant energy report containing suggestions for improving efficiency, which could be submitted to the certifier for every location reviewed and for the company as a whole.

At the same time, in cooperation with the energy management representative of Postbank, the formal requirements of ISO 50001 were implemented and aligned with the regulations of the existing environmental management system, in order to benefit from the resulting synergies. Once an energy legal compliance check and internal audits of the locations had been performed, nothing remained to impede successful certification. SPIE will also continue to accompany Postbank throughout the certification and monitoring process.

One example of this continued support is the resulting SPIE energy efficiency project at the Postbank location in Essen. "Thanks to an improved air conditioning system in the building, the aim is to save approximately 170,000 kWh of electricity and 950,000 kWh of heating per year in the future", says Stefan Ahlers, project manager responsible for the implementation of ISO 50001 and energy management representative at SPIE Energy Solutions GmbH.



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