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Press release
SPIE Nucléaire takes charge of maintenance on EDF's Creys Malville site
The Creys Malville nuclear power plant is currently in the decommissioning phase but its installations will require maintenance for another 25 years. In this context, EDF has entrusted SPIE Nucléaire with the preventive and corrective maintenance of the site's industrial installations: the reactor building, INB(*) 91, and the fuel building, INB 141. SPIE Nucléaire won this multiannual contract worth €5 million over five years (with half of that sum going to SPIE) in partnership with SIGEDI and CIMAT. The work will require its full range of skills in the fields of electricity and automation, HVAC, valves and fittings, piping and welding, and rotating and diesel machinery. (*) INB: Basic nuclear installation (Installation Nucléaire de Base) Contact SPIE SA
Pascal Omnès
Directeur de la communication
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