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Press release
SPIE Nucléaire upgrades cooling towers for AREVA spent fuel pits at La Hague
As part of its plan to improve the cooling of spent fuel storage pits C, D, E, the AREVA NC plant at La Hague has chosen SPIE Nucléaire to upgrade the 34 bundles installed in the 17 cooling towers. This contract, staggered over 2008 and 2009, is worth a total of more €2 million. The work to be done includes engineering studies, dismantling and reassembling ancillary components (pipes, walkways, fans and bearings, etc.), removal and reinstallation of the 34 bundles by crane, and the expansion (*) of the 138 tubes in each bundle. These operations are to be carried out during operation which calls for precise planning in order to comply with equipment availability requirements. A second phase is scheduled to start as from 2009 with the aim of increasing the installation's cooling capacity. (*) This "expansion" operation entails inserting a tube inside an existing tube and "hammering" it once it is inside to obtain a material-to-material juxtaposition. The reverse operation entails removing the tube with a pneumatic tool. Contact SPIE SA
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