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SPIE, one of the most advanced companies in terms of employee shareholding, enters the Euronext FAS IAS index

Cergy, October 3rd, 2017 - SPIE announces that it has entered the Euronext FAS IAS index, which includes the French companies that are the most advanced in terms of employee shareholding. This index is composed of the 28 companies that meet the following conditions:

  • at least 3% of the capital is owned by employees;
  • 15% of the global workforce is shareholder;
  • 25% of the workforce in France is shareholder.

At the end of 2016, around a third of SPIE’s 38,000 employees (and over a half of its French employees) owned shares of the Group, either directly or through the SPIE Actionnariat Employee Mutual Fund, representing together 3.9% of the Group’s capital.

This high employee shareholding rate reflects SPIE’s commitment to involving its employees, in a sustainable manner, in the Group’s performance and long-term success.

The great success of the most recent employee shareholding plan ‘Share For You’, launched in 2015, had already demonstrated the strong will of SPIE’s employees to be actively involved in the performance of their company.

Gauthier Louette, SPIE’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, commented: “Employee shareholding is part of our corporate culture and is a key component of the strong, lasting bond that we are seeking to maintain with our employees. We are committed to continue opening SPIE’s capital to an even larger number of our employees, in particular to the 8,000 people who recently joined us following the acquisition of SAG.”



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