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Press release
SPIE Ouest-Centre obtains ISO 50 001 certification

Rewarding the SPIE Group’s regional multi-technical services subsidiary for its commitment to energy saving


Saint Herblain, 7 December 2015 For SPIE Ouest-Centre, securing ISO 50 001 certification after a procedure that was started in early 2015 comes as recognition of the effective corporate energy management system it has set up. It confirms the success of this regional multi-technical services subsidiary of the SPIE Group in complying with changes in European regulations and bolsters the company’s determination to cut its energy consumption.

Complete audit of energy consumption

For this audit, a specialised team was set up to steer SPIE Ouest-Centre towards an exemplary energy management system with more energy-efficient buildings and more environmentally-friendly practices, etc. This team started by identifying all the subsidiary’s items of energy consumption (buildings and vehicle fleets) and its energy purchases in 2014 in order to analyse all the types of energy used (electricity, gas, fuel, etc.) and their uses (such as transport, heating and lighting).

Objectives in phases

Once all this data had been collected and examined, it was used to draw up a precise action plan. Possible lines of improvement to help control and cut SPIE Ouest-Centre’s energy consumption on a lasting basis and so manage and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions include better supervision of installations, optimal management of vehicle fleets in accordance with employees’ needs, the design of future buildings, and promoting eco-friendly behaviour (e.g. taking care to switch off lights and adopting smooth driving habits). An initial assessment, in February 2016, will show whether the steps taken have achieved the initial goal of reducing total energy consumption by 6%. A new action plan will then be drawn up to continue implementing the improvement targets which were set this year.

Helping customers achieve ISO 50 001 certification

Building a strong energy efficiency policy is a first step for SPIE Ouest-Centre. Having obtained this certification, it will be able to better assist and advise its customers which are subject to the same new European regulations. "Securing this certification takes us another step nearer to becoming a model for our customers," says Olivier Daval, energy efficiency manager at SPIE Ouest-Centre. "It is an experience that equips us prepare our customers for this standard, such as by proposing mock audits before the official audit is carried out."



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