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Press release
SPIE Ouest-Centre in the saddle for installation of lighting systems at Pornichet racecourse
As part of the complete restructuring of the Pornichet racecourse, SPIE Ouest-Centre has been entrusted with the installation of lighting for two racetracks and the stables plus the fitting of television and public address networks by the racecourse operator, Société des Courses de la Côte d'Amour.

SPIE Ouest-Centre in the saddle for installation of lighting systems at Pornichet racecourse

The racecourse, comprising a 1,200-metre trotting race track and a 1,500-metre flat/jump racing track, requires the installation of especially high masts. The contract covers the following work:
  • erection of masts with the following heights: five 35 m, fifteen 25 m, two 20 m and six 14 m;
  • installation of 450 floodlights of 2,000 W each;
  • fitting and connection of a 630 kVA main LV switchboard and 23 distribution boxes;
  • supply and installation of a generator set;
  • installation of a central technical management system;
  • installation of PA system.

The solution proposed to the customer combines aesthetic and technical features. Some masts will have a 7° slope and will not be fitted with ladders.
A new removable elevator system will be used on the masts so that lighting maintenance can be performed in safety without any impact on visibility for spectators. This €1 million contract will mobilise up to six employees of the Pays de Loire infrastructures office and five from the Loire Océan general electrical installations office. Work is to be completed in May 2011. These operations must be carried out in compliance with strict requirements owing to the racecourse specific operating conditions:
  • Floodlights must be carefully laid out and adjusted as horses are very sensitive to light intensity.
  • Different lighting levels are to be maintained on different parts of the track (from 250 to 2,000 lux).
  • Both tracks must be lit up so as to allow television broadcasting of night races but it must be possible to light them up separately in order to save energy.

Thanks to synergies between its various offices, SPIE Ouest-Centre was able to propose highly attractive technical solutions.
When the work is finished, Pornichet racecourse will be one of the three biggest in France, with between six and eight night races in the summer.