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Press release
SPIE pens a public-private partnership with Chasse-sur-Rhône town council (Isère)

Feyzin, 23 July 2012 - SPIE Sud-Est has signed a public-private partnership with the French town of Chasse-sur-Rhône for the renovation of street lighting installations.
38% energy saving
This partnership, which is to last 15 years and is worth €4,365,000 including tax, covers the renovation and maintenance of the town's lighting systems, the lighting up of its monuments and the installation of festive illuminations. During the contract period, 90% of lighting installations are to be replaced, with 70% of electrical cabinets, masts and points of light to be replaced in the first two years. Over the years, 210 new light points will be added to the 1,622 existing ones. A large number of low-energy LED light fittings will also be installed.
SPIE Sud-Est has undertaken to gauge and optimise lighting so as to achieve a 38% cut in power consumption by the end of the contract, with most of the saving being obtained by the second year on completion of the renovation work.
SPIE has also guaranteed a failure rate of less than 2% of light points per year and repair response times between one hour and 24 hours depending on the type of failure. Throughout the duration of the works, residents will be provided with special facilities to air their views in co-ordination with Chasse-sur-Rhône town council.
“This partnership, following competitive negotiations, provides Chasse-sur-Rhône with the assurance that it will soon have a reliable, modern, consistent and energy-efficient public lighting network,” says Mayor Jean-Pierre Rioult. “SPIE has been managing the upkeep and maintenance of the public lighting installations in Chasse-sur-Rhône for many years,” points out Luc Sauze, operations manager at SPIE Sud-Est Lyonnais office. “This 15-year partnership confirms this local authority's satisfaction with the quality of our work and, above all, demonstrates its confidence in our ability to take charge of the modernisation of its street lighting facilities.” Press contacts

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