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Press release
SPIE receives a 2012 European Digital Communication Award for its annual and sustainable development report

Cergy, 18 September 2012 - SPIE recently received a 2012 European Digital Communication Award ( for its annual and sustainable development report. It was presented with the award - for the best corporate social responsibility (CSR) report - on Friday 14 September in Berlin.

The European digital communication competition, which is organised by the Quadriga University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, comprises 36 award categories covering the full range of corporate communication disciplines. Making its selection from some 500 entries, the jury, composed of 30 communications experts, recognised the approach taken by SPIE and its partners Bee Buzziness and Eurokapi in making its annual and sustainable development report as widely accessible as possible by using all the online communication tools currently available. The report was designed and produced as a hyperdocument (i.e. in the style of a paper document offering multimedia content accessible via QR codes) and lies at the heart of a unique, multiplatform on- and offline digital publishing offering designed for PCs, Android devices and iPads, etc. The electronic versions of this "exemplary" document are suited to all types of digital media and fully accessible to disabled users. The print on demand function makes it possible to print the exact section(s) required using an environmentally-friendly process and the document also features functions enabling sharing via social networks. Mark of recognition for the Group
Bringing together traditional publications, mobile services and online media is a reality at SPIE, which since 2009 has used its innovative approach in corporate publications to marry the requirements of corporate communication and sustainable development with the latest technological developments in publishing and multimedia. SPIE's groundbreaking responsible communication tools have become a Group trademark both in and outside the company. “This long-standing commitment to sustainable development, which in 2009 become SPIE's corporate project under the banner ‘SPIE, a player in the green economy', is a cornerstone of both SPIE's business lines and its communication strategy," said Pascal Omnès, the Group's Communications director. “We want to clearly affirm SPIE's positioning as a leading company capable of supporting its customers over the long term in order to rise to the environmental and energy challenges facing civil society. Our corporate communication follows the same approach and applies sustainable development in a concrete manner." Useful links: SPIE's 2011 annual and sustainable development report: (no sign-in required) Video presentation of the annual report:
Press contacts

Pascal Omnès
Communications director
Tel.: +33 (0)1 34 22 58 21 

Agence Droit Devant
Philippe Hériard
Tel.: + 33(0)1 39 53 53 33