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SPIE receives European Energy Service Award 2015

- Award for innovative lighting concept at Postbank

- Annual savings of over 300,000 Euros

- Combination of LED technology and intelligent controls

Essen, December 17, 2015 - SPIE GmbH, the German subsidiary of SPIE, has been recognised with the European Energy Service Award. The energy experts from SPIE Energy Solutions received the award for their innovative lighting concept that was implemented in conjunction with the client, Deutsche Postbank AG.

The award was presented at a formal ceremony in Brussels by Claude Turmes, member of the European parliament. Since 2005 the European Energy Service Award has been given to companies whose services create greater energy efficiency in Europe.


At the heart of the award-winning energy saving concept is the replacement of conventional lamps with modern LED lamps at numerous Postbank facilities throughout Germany. Following in-depth analysis, an individual package of measures for all required lighting types was drawn up for each of the facilities. This allowed for the greatest potential leverage of savings at each building.

Combined with intelligent control systems, SPIE thus enables its client to reduce its energy costs by some 333,000 Euros and cut its carbon dioxide emissions by 1,100 tons annually, compared to average German power consumption and the associated carbon dioxide emissions.

“This award is a great success for us, and a real accolade for our work,” says Markus Holzke, Managing Director of SPIE GmbH. “We are proud to be promoting the efficient use of energy with innovative projects like this one: We are prepared to deploy our expertise as a multi-technical provider in order to improve the energy and environmental performance of buildings,” Holzke continued, adding that the European Energy Service Award is thus both affirmation and incentive for this approach.



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