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Press release
SPIE Sud-Est takes part in the "Plan Hôpital 2012" (2012 Hospital Plan) in Clermont-Ferrand
A works programme to restructure and extend the 18,000 sq. m. site of the Jean Perrin cancer centre in Clermont-Ferrand (Puy-de-Dôme) has been launched as part of the 2012 Hospital Plan.
The Auvergne Forez Operations department of SPIE Sud-Est has been asked to take charge of low and high voltage power installations for the whole of this programme which is being conducted out in two phases. For the first phase, on the existing building in use, SPIE has performed work to replace the low-voltage main switchboard in service, located within the area concerned by the new works. The new installation was brought into operation without any interruption to service. The second phase concerns an extension of the existing building, providing 120 beds and seven shielded radiotherapy rooms. The teams from SPIE are responsible for HV and LV power installations, including patient call, access control, 703-point fire detection, clock, interphone, video surveillance and VDI systems. This work is worth a total of €2.6 million to SPIE Sud-Est.