Major projects

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SPIE Sud-Est will fit out the multimodal hub in Cluses, Haute-Savoie

The town of Cluses, the Haute-Savoie General Council and French rail company SNCF have launched a massive joint project to transform the town’s railway station into a multimodal hub.

This future hub is an integral part of the town’s extensive redevelopment strategy. Much more than just a transit point, the station and its vicinity is set to become a vibrant living space providing a real link between the station and town.

The multimodal hub will optimise accessibility to environmentally-friendly modes of transport and facilitate pedestrian access. It will also cater for access and parking for cars, coaches and taxis.

Teams from the Espace Lémanique and Lyonnais departments will work together to integrate all the necessary signage, video surveillance and access control equipment for this conversion.

The railway station’s entrances and exits will be controlled by six automatically operated doorways and three access control boom barriers, all equipped with authorised personnel access management devices (intercom, keypads, badge readers, remote control, radio control, etc.) and four automatic movable bollards. Additional security will be provided by fixed and moving surveillance cameras.

Information for passengers and bus drivers will be provided on 19 display units.

Work completion is scheduled for January 2015.


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