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In March 2017, SPIE has consolidated all its Swiss subsidiaries under the name SPIE Switzerland.

Thanks to the synergies that will be created in this shared structure, SPIE Switzerland, through it subsidiaries, positions itself as a global partner for Smart cities, Smart buildings, energy, infrastructures and ICT in Switzerland.

SPIE ICS (Information Communication Services) - A complete portfolio of integrated ICT services

SPIE ICS is one of the leading ICT service and solution providers in Switzerland. We advise leading companies and help them to implement their own individual solutions.

We achieve sustained efficiency improvements in integration, development and operational management for customers in all sectors.

We provide our customers with smart solutions, tapping into new turnover opportunities, increasing customer satisfaction and designing the innovative workplaces of the future.

  • Workspace - From desktop virtualisation to complete cloud service
  • Communication - Forging links between your employees and customers
  • Datacenter & Cloud - Dynamic data centre and cloud services
  • IP Connectivity - The right basis for your corporate communications
  • Security - A holistic approach to ICT security

SPIE MTS (Multi-Technical Services)

As an independent leader in multi-technical services in the energy and communications sectors, SPIE MTS supports its customers in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly facilities.

We are more than 270 collaborators (French-speaking Switzerland) committed to making the energy and digital transition with our customers a success.

SPIE IFS (Integral Facility Services)

Through its integrated facility services, SPIE IFS AG provides expert, comprehensive operation and management of your real estate and facilities.

The products and services encompass technical facility, infrastructural facility and property management – from repair services and energy supply to the maintenance of production facilities.

This enables us to ensure your facilities, buildings and properties function properly, retain their value and operate efficiently. That’s how we assure you of sustainable management and reduce your operating costs.

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