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In March 2017, SPIE has consolidated all its Swiss subsidiaries under the name SPIE Switzerland.

Thanks to the synergies that will be created in this shared structure, SPIE Switzerland, through it subsidiaries, positions itself as a global partner for Smart cities, Smart buildings, energy, infrastructures and ICT in Switzerland.

SPIE ICS - A complete portfolio of integrated ICT solutions

SPIE ICS is one of the leading ICT service and solution providers in Switzerland.

We advise leading companies and help them to implement their own individual solutions. We achieve sustained efficiency improvements in integration, development and operational management for customers in all sectors.

We provide our customers with smart solutions, tapping into new turnover opportunities, increasing customer satisfaction and designing the innovative workplaces of the future.

Our solutions focus on processes and business applications that can be implemented in all sectors.

We also provide our customers with IT consulting, integration and maintenance. So we support employees in their daily tasks and integrate company-wide information processes.

SPIE MTS - Multi-technical Services

Throughout the entire West Switzerland area, SPIE MTS provides a complete line of multitechnical services backed by a broad range of skills and expertise.

Our operations subsidiaries are organised into distinct markets: Infrastructure (HAMARD SA), Construction (FANAC & ROBAS SA) and Industry & Energy (ELECTROTECH SA)

Specialised in the fields of electrical and mechanical engineering, HVAC systems, energy and communications networks, we combine know-how and performance to provide optimal results across our entire range of technical services.

In the Riviera Vaudoise and Lower Valais regions, VISCOM SYSTEM SA and VISTA CONCEPT SA provide a variety of private and public customers with services in the fields of electricity, security, telecommunications, IT networks, home automation and multimedia. Recognised specialists in voice, data and image integration for smart buildings, they equip high-class housing projects and hotels, administrative buildings (including schools and leisure and cultural centres) and commercial-sector premises (such as head offices and healthcare establishments).

To serve our customers, our employees design, develop and maintain innovative and sustainable solutions that ensure the optimal daily operation of customer infrastructure, cities, plants and residences. Innovation and efficiency are core values in our technical ambition. With these values in mind, our teams strive to continually offer the best technology to our customers.

This ensures that our customers receive solutions that meet competitive and safety objectives in every sector. Our 200 employees are responsible and committed to the societal challenges facing their region. They share your quality requirements and ambition to build a sustainable future for your company.

SPIE IFS - Technical Facility Management

Through its integrated facility services, SPIE IFS AG provides expert, comprehensive operation and management of your real estate and facilities. The products and services encompass technical facility, infrastructural facility and property management – from repair services and energy supply to the maintenance of production facilities.

Together with our qualified employees, we ensure that your ventilation technology, cooling systems, fire protection installations, measuring and control technology systems and special facilities including compressed air, filtration and drying systems work perfectly. We are also your reliable partner for the construction of new technical building installations – from the planning stage to commissioning.

With an emphasis on efficiency, we create customized maintenance plans that are adapted to your specific needs instead of just following rigid guidelines. We will provide your company with the best quality and performance – while opening up new cost-reduction approaches for you.

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