Major projects

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SPIE takes part in restoring the blast furnace N° 2 (BF2) in Dunkirk

ArcelorMittal, the world’s leading steelmaking company, has invested to completely restore one of the three blast furnaces it has on the Dunkirk site. This investment confirms the 7 million tonne production capacity the site has in order to continue to supply other Group facilities located in Florange and Liège.

The “BF2,” which was commissioned in 1963, was restored in 1992 for the last time. After this work is finished, its production capacity will increase from 3,700 tonnes to 4,600 tonnes per day.

In this framework, SPIE Ile-de-France Nord-Ouest will be responsible for the renovation of the instrumentation and control system based on Siemens PCS7 architecture as well as offsetting the control room at the “BF4” level, for an amount exceeding four million euros.

The côte d'opale site will be in charge of putting in place the following equipment, from December 2013 to december 2015:
22 automated systems
4,500 inputs / outputs
16 control panels, including one giant monitor
5 couples of process and archives servers
17 API frames and 70 interface frames
3,000 ML of FIBRE OPTIcS and their routing
20 optic network bays, servers and pcS

This large project pays tribute to the trust this customer is showing us once again and the quality of the work done by SPIE employees, who have been working for over thirty years now on the Dunkirk steelworks site.


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