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Press release
SPIE unveils an electric crane truck by putting up the Christmas lights in Strasbourg

Saint-Denis, December 6th, 2017 – SPIE CityNetworks reached yet another milestone last week, when it unveiled a new truck equipped with an electric crane. This innovative, silent and environmentally friendly vehicle operates under an ePTO* hybrid system, which directly supplies electric power to the crane and the tipper (a battery with a charger powers an electric motor which drives a hydraulic pump).

An innovative, silent and environmentally friendly vehicle

The vehicle recharges in 8 hours, and the crane can operate independently for 3 hours straight. When the vehicle is stationary, the electric pump automatically deactivates in order to save energy. If the batteries are empty, the crane can continue to operate by being connected to an external electric power supply (380 volts).

With performance levels equivalent to those of a standard crane, the vehicle provides a wide range of benefits:

  • No pollutant emissions during work operations
  • No noise pollution
  • Ease of use
  • Energy savings
  • Lower maintenance costs for the loader, which does not use its motor during lifting operations

Inaugural use: putting up the Christmas lights in Strasbourg

For over 30 years, SPIE has worked alongside the retailers association “Les Vitrines de Strasbourg” to illuminate the various streets running through the city of Strasbourg. Every year at the end of October, around a dozen employees work together to put up the Christmas lights, which takes until the end of November, and then SPIE performs all maintenance operations throughout the entire festive period. The electric crane truck was most notably involved in putting up the iconic “Porte de Lumière” (Door of Light), the most famous of Strasbourg’s Christmas light displays.

“After the Christmas lights, we will mainly be using the vehicle for public lighting operations in Strasbourg. The locals will really appreciate the absolute silence, especially during overnight work”, says Stéphane Mock, who is in charge of Alsace External Work at SPIE CityNetworks.

*ePTO: electric Power Take Off



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