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Press release
SPIE virtual library nominated for the UJJEF* 2007 annual contest
At the prize-giving ceremony for the UJJEF 21st "Communication and Enterprise" Annual Contest, on Thursday 29th November at Cirque d'Hiver-Bouglione in Paris, prizes were awarded for companies' most innovative communication strategies. SPIE was nominated in the e-communication category for its virtual library.
Constituting a vector for the Group image and a user-friendly tool benefiting from media convergence, the SPIE virtual library offers a new way of consulting and optimising the content of publications (brochures, activity reports, magazines, etc.) for uses both on-line (Internet, Intranet, Extranet) and off-line (interactive terminals, digital printing, etc.). When paper becomes interactive To accompany the deployment of its new identity, SPIE rolled out an original electronic editorial system christened the "virtual library". This is based on an electronic format developed by the Bee Buzziness company in specific response to SPIE's communication objectives. It represents a major technological leap in the field of virtual documentation.
The system set up by SPIE enables the Group to integrate all its internal and external publications comprehensively and seamlessly with the Group's internet and multimedia communication tools.
By offering new features and increased contents for its printed documents, SPIE's virtual library increases the impact and the accessibility of Group publications and opens up new horizons for virtual documents. Taking advantage of media convergence Reading comfort and pleasure are heightened by the user-friendly document interface and the unmatched simulation of page kinematics and types of paper. What is more, internet users can now access documents published by SPIE in all their original formats.
The addition of numerous features gives documents in the virtual library a genuine utility value. Dynamic multilingualism allows readers to switch the language of the documents they are reading at will. The new rich media system, integrating sound, voice synthesis and video, and the inclusion of many interactive links in documents make it a real pleasure to read the Group's publications and explore the SPIE website.
All the documents in the SPIE virtual library can be accessed on the Group website:
A new version of this website will come on line by the end of 2007. * UJJEF - Communication and Enterprise: Union des journaux et journalistes d'entreprises de France (French union of corporate newspapers and journalists) Contact  SPIE SA
Pascal Omnès
Directeur de la communication
Tel.: +33 (0)1 34 22 58 21
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