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Press release
SPIE wins contract from the Centrale d’Achat de l’Informatique Hospitalière for the provision of support services and expertise in relation to the digital user environment

Malakoff, 8 June 2021 – SPIE ICS, the digital services subsidiary of the SPIE Group, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, wins the contract for “management, support and engineering services for digital work station environments” from the Centrale d’Achat de l’Informatique Hospitalière (Central Purchasing Authority for IT in Hospitals – CAIH). The 7,400 medical facilities concerned will be able to accelerate their digital transition, while continuously improving services and the user experience for health professionals.

Securing this public sector contract is testament to the expertise that SPIE ICS brings to bear in terms of dealing with hospital-based challenges and associated constraints. “Our ambition is to offer a range of digital innovations that allow healthcare establishments to focus on their core activities. In doing so, we aim to deliver an efficient response to their strategic, operational, and financial constraints,” points out Xavier Daubignard, Managing Director of SPIE ICS.

A catalogue of services suited to any type of establishment

The contract covers a full basket of services relating to the digital working environment for users, with the focus on:

· A Service Desk adapted to the technical environments and desired service hours,
· Local services covering installation, maintenance, addition and change needs,
· A range of technical assistance services covering needs ranging from technician to expert level.

The services provided are underpinned by two key aspects:

· A catalogue of services tailored to the needs of the relevant activities and designed to ensure the availability and security of the IT system
· A governance model focused on continuous improvement and the predictability of incidents

Digital user environment at the heart of patient care

The solutions proposed by SPIE ICS, a subsidiary of SPIE France, are associated with standardisation of services, the capacity to deliver shared knowledge management between establishments, and managing the costs of ownership for IT equipment. “With a governance model based on predictability and continuous improvement, we can make a real contribution towards improving the user experience at healthcare establishments,” explains Nicolas Briançon, Key Sector Manager for Public, Health & Social at SPIE ICS.

SPIE ICS relies on teams dedicated to healthcare activities, who help digital services departments make a contribution towards improving how health professionals use digital tools – with a view to improving patient care in turn. With this public sector contract, SPIE ICS is consolidating its leading position on the healthcare market.

This contract meets the requirements of our members, who were expecting a coherent and comprehensible bid comprising all the components required for the management of a work station, i.e. provision of equipment, finance, and associated services,” claims Julien Combier, PC & Services Contract Coordinator.

The bid from SPIE ICS was chosen because it favours an overall management policy that meets our expectations, with very competitive rates that help optimise the TCO for a work station. This 6-year partnership is part of an investment approach that incorporates both technical and human aspects. The idea is to promote continuous improvement of services at healthcare establishments,” adds Frédéric Lacaussade, PC & Services Contract Coordinator.


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