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Press release
SPIE wins the contract for installing a real-time video surveillance system on the Line D of the Lyon metro

The new system will be based on advanced radio technology – a first in France


Feyzin, December 19th, 2016 – SPIE Sud-Est has entered into a new contract with SYTRAL (the public transport authority for the Rhône Valley and the Greater Lyon) for installing an entire video surveillance system in the trains running on Line D of the Lyon metro.

This contract, which has been signed by SPIE Sud-Est as the representative of a joint-and-several liability consortium with ROIRET Transport, provides for the installation of 576 cameras in all of the trains running on Line D (16 cameras for each of the 36 trains currently in use), and also a ground/train communication system making it possible for live images to be transmitted to the security control room of the Lyon public transport network. This work is taking place as part of the ongoing modernisation project aimed at improving the Lyon metro system whilst also strengthening both personal safety and property.

A first in France: the use of advanced transport radio technology for transmitting data streams between the ground and the trains in circulation.

To ensure the best possible transmission of the image streams required by the security control room, SPIE Sud-Est’s proposal to SYTRAL involves putting a radio system in place that allows a train in circulation to maintain a constant, uninterrupted communication link with the antenna infrastructure deployed on the ground.

It’s a first in France. Normally Wi-Fi is used to establish a link between the ground and the trains. After we had studied all the factors to be taken into account when selecting communication tools for mobility, we opted for this advanced radio technology. We confirmed our decision after assessing a recent application rolled out on Line A of the Rome metro system,” explains Pierre Des Rieux, the Research Manager at the IET Operations Division* of SPIE Sud-Est. In addition, concerned about protecting its investments by maximising the service capacity of the ground network already deployed, SYTRAL asked SPIE to migrate this network into an MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) environment. This protocol is able to transmit and link, in complete safety, the future computer applications (except driverless control) that will be introduced as Line B undergoes full automation, this time with a new rolling stock fleet.

Gradual deployment

Following an initial study phase, during which the theoretical installation of the antennas on the ground will be approved by taking radio coverage measurements, a full-scale pilot will be rolled out between 4 stations on Line D. After assessing the results of the multiple tests, the 12 kilometre long Line D will be fitted with antennas, along with a first batch of 20 trains (with cameras and roof antennas). This initial work will be spread out between the second and fourth quarters of 2017. Installations will take place between one o’clock and four o’clock in the morning, when trains are not running. The 16 remaining trains, for their part, will be fitted in the second quarter of 2018.

This system will allow the surveillance teams of KEOLIS (the company in charge of operating the metro) to have real-time access to live images and all the video recordings taken on each train over a time horizon of 6 days, whether the train is standing at a platform or travelling between two stations. In the end, this will mean a greater responsiveness in the event of any anti-social behaviour, incidents or technical problems.

We have enjoyed a long-standing partnership with the Lyon metro system, right from the day it first opened,” concludes Jean-Pierre Machabert, the Sales Manager of SPIE Sud-Est’s IET Operations Division*. “We are also responsible for maintaining the low-voltage systems for a large part of the existing infrastructure. This contract is yet another sign of the trust that SYTRAL has placed in us for many years.

*IET Operations Division: Infrastructure, Energy & Transport Operations Division



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