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SPIE wins Digital Leader Award

Innovative software solution simplifies complex processes


Berlin, August 3rd, 2017 – SPIE SAG provides exemplary and innovative support to its service employees’ work processes in the form of digital “Field Service Management” (FSM). For this effort, the multi-technical services provider recently received the Digital Leader Award in the “Spark Collaboration” category. SPIE SAG prevailed against renowned large-scale enterprises.

The fitters and site managers working for energy service provider SPIE SAG perform complex tasks, regardless of which energy sector they are working in. The aim behind developing the innovative digital “FSM” tool was to improve order processing procedures and provide optimum support with the new software solution. The outcome is a success. All work steps are now supported with information systems, from order entry to scheduling and tour planning, order processing, audit-proof filing and all the way to invoicing. Fitters who work with “FSM” use tablet computers. “FSM saves a great deal of time. The software solution is unique in the industry and gives us a significant competitive advantage,” says Carsten Ruffer, Head of IT and Business Process Management at SPIE SAG.

Holistic approach with a focus on the on-site employees

Development of “FSM” started in 2015 as a project for the gas-related service at the energy services provider Bohlen & Doyen. “The processes for the on-site employees were always at the centre of our reflexions. We consistently pursued a holistic approach,” says Ruffer. To provide optimum support, the project team combined multiple highly integrated software components. Existing solutions such as SAP, AWFM and the document management system were expanded. New components, including scheduling and customer asset management with MABI and the support of mobile devices for mobile order processing were added. The IT division of SPIE SAG, the CeGIT (Centre of Competence for Geo-Information Technology) and an external service provider were involved in the development. “FSM” went live successfully in August 2016. Since then, it has been used to process several thousand orders.

Widespread recognition for the “FSM” solution

It is not just users and customers who have responded positively to the “FSM” solution. The expert audience gave the developers much credit for their agile procedure in the project at various events. The list of applicants for this year’s presentation of the Digital Leader Award also illustrates the importance of the IT solution. The applicants included well-known companies from the areas of traffic, automotive and telecommunications. The Digital Leader Award came into existence on the initiative of IGD Business Media and Dimension Data and was under the auspices of the German Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, Brigitte Zypries, this year. The award ceremony took place on 28 June 2017 in Berlin.


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