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SPIE wins safety policy prizes once again

SERCE and OPPBTP 2015 Safety Competition

Cergy, 9 June 2016 – Officially presented on 7 June 2016, the prizes awarded in the annual competition held by the French Electrical and Climate Engineering Contractor’s Union (SERCE) and the French organisation for the prevention of accidents in construction and public works (OPPBTP) have once again conferred recognition of SPIE Group's voluntary safety policy. This year SPIE won five prizes and two commendations, out of 14 entries presented. Special mention should be made of SPIE Sud-Ouest, which won three prizes and one commendation.

One first prize, two second prizes and one commendation are recognition for the corporate safety initiative under way at SPIE Sud-Ouest for several years. The subsidiary's directors, and the management as a whole, have been closely involved. Awarded for a zero accidents with stoppages rate since 2004, the first prize went to the “Maintenance & Services Aquitaine” Operational Unit. The two second prizes reward significant progress accomplished in recent years. The “Infrastructure Aquitaine” Operational Unit has thus improved from 7 accidents with stoppages in 2013 to 0 in both 2014 and 2015. Similarly, the “Maintenance & Services Languedoc-Roussillon” Operational Unit is down from 11 accidents with stoppages in 2013 to 0 in both 2014 and 2015. Finally, the commendation awarded to the “Languedoc-Roussillon HVAC” Operational Unit reflects a significant fall in the number of such accidents, from 14 in 2014 to 0 in 2015. "Many actions directly underlie these fine results," notes SPIE Sud-Ouest's Safety Officer, Bertrand Simard. "All our operational divisions have set up monthly safety steering sessions on the management and department committees. Our Quality, Safety and Environment Management also keeps a close eye on the Operational Units, ensuring a good supply of tooling and materials and the necessary training to work in complete safety."

SPIE Sud-Est’s Operational Management for the Lake Geneva Region received a first prize for its zero accidents with stoppages, including temporary workers. The rate has been achieved by its field work service in the past two years. The result derives especially from the increased responsibility given to managers and site management personnel (on-site presence, regular visits to sites, reporting of hazardous situations). There has also been a major initiative to control electrical hazards (annual quiz, precise definition of authorisation levels, and enhanced trainer selection). Furthermore, looking at the road hazard, the Operational Management for the Lake Geneva Region launched an annual driving licence check in 2016. This was coupled with the signing of a Drivers' Charter.

The Nord Pas-de-Calais Operational Management of SPIE Ile-de-France Nord-Ouest received a first prize for the spectacular improvement in its accident rate. The result of a merger between the Côte d’Opale and Pas-de-Calais regions, this new Operational Management rose to the challenge of creating a single safety culture from two entities with very different practices and clienteles: Côte d’Opale was focused on industry and Nord Pas-de-Calais on the service sector. The result: total accidents with stoppages down from 17.2 to 2.29 in the space of just one year. "Management had given us a strong nudge in this direction, and that enabled us to mobilise all our teams," explains Maxime Lomme, SHEQ Officer in the Nord Pas-de-Calais Management. "Another lever of this improvement was the process of renewal of our MASE certification* in 2016." Regular training campaigns, near-daily monitoring by the Quality, Safety & Environment teams, 'safety huddles', regular reporting of hazardous situations, and establishment of a preventive safety 'barometer': all these measures have contributed to this spectacular result.”

The HVAC business of SPIE Ouest-Centre has received a commendation for the steady and significant decline in its accident rate, from 8.10 accidents with stoppages in 2013 to 4.59 in 2014 and 0 in 2015. The progress is the fruit of increased management involvement, especially through preventive observation visits and 'safety huddles'. It also derives from the active co-operation of every member of the HVAC business. Two-way communication has been set up on the monitoring and handling of hazardous situations found on a daily basis (from managers to teams and from teams to managers). This has enhanced everyone's commitment to a common safety culture.

Judges' challenge: accolade for SPIE Est’s cylinder carrier
The prizewinning gas cylinder carrier was singled out by the judges for its innovative nature. SPIE Est's service sector HVAC teams often manhandle oxygen, acetylene and nitrogen cylinders up to the work location, where access difficulties do not permit the use of a trolley. To carry the cylinders, the personnel swing them up on to their shoulders. The empty weight of a medium-sized oxygen cylinder is 35 kg; that of an acetylene cylinder, 32 kg; while a full oxygen cylinder can weigh as much as 65 kg.
Devised in partnership with Saint Joseph's Vocational Secondary School in Dijon, the innovation consisted of constructing a foldaway or collapsible cylinder carrier enabling two people to carry the cylinder. The results are: proper ergonomic posture; elimination of accidents at work and occupational illnesses; less fatigue; and fitting the job to the person.
The cylinder carrier consists of a pole fitted with a holding bracket which holds, without being removed, any cylinder format, and a short length of chain on which to hang the cylinder. The central axis holds the cylinder near-vertical without bumping the carriers.

"These prizes once again demonstrate SPIE's determination never to content itself with past results, and always to forge ahead with preventive safety," declares Gilles Brazey, Chief Operating Officer for SPIE France. "Besides, this ambition is directly reflected in our figures. With an accident with stoppage rate of 5.65, our results have never been so satisfactory. We must persevere!"

* MASE stands for Manuel d’Amélioration Sécurité des Entreprises [Contractor Safety Improvement Manual]. This management system forms part of an initiative for the continuous improvement of Safety, Health and Environmental performance by contractors. It follows five broad lines of approach: management commitment; staff professional skills and qualifications; work preparation and organisation; inspection; and continuous improvement



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