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Press release
SPIE wins the safety prize awarded by SERCE* and OPPBTP* for accident prevention
With a lost-time occupational accident frequency rate (AFR)** of 6.5 in 2007, representing a 25% improvement on the previous year, the SPIE Group is making a big contribution to the progress noted throughout its profession. (The average AFR for all SERCE member companies was 15.9, representing an improvement of 10%).
Illustrating SPIE's determined safety policy, SPIE-Sud Ouest recently won*** first prize in the SERCE-OPPBTP safety campaign which rewards accident frequency levels rated as exceptionally low in this professional field: 2.6 per 3.5 million hours worked.
It should also be noted that the SPIE Group clinched 10 other safety prizes, including two congratulating the Group improving safety for its temporary personnel. Management commitment, the key to SPIE's safety policy
These results are the fruit of a intensive training policy implemented at every level of the Group, from electrical installers to management executives. "Safety directly affects the men and women in the company, so prevention is naturally an essential part of management in our multitechnical services fields," says Jean Lucas, SPIE's Sustainable Development Director. "It is important to optimise the progress made, to encourage innovative action and to raise our team spirit. Safety awards and prizes for innovation clearly contribute to this goal and to our internal mobilisation." Changing behaviour
It is recognised throughout our professional field that 90% of occupational accidents are related to inappropriate behaviour. Prevention relies on simples acts and attitudes: proper preparation of work sites or jobs to be done, wearing protective equipment, checking that the equipment to be worked on is de-energised, spotting hazardous situations and passing information on as feedback, etc.
At SPIE, these rules are summarised in a "safety passport" based on seven basic principles of safe behaviour. This handbook, circulated in more than 18,000 copies and translated into five languages, won the jury's special prize in 2006. A copy is given to every new SPIE recruit without exception. "Our aim is to ensure that all our staff and all personnel working on our construction sites go home in good fit and healthy," points out Gauthier Louette, SPIE's CEO. "These good results also provide our customers with further proof of our professionalism and efficiency". *The SERCE
SERCE (French association of electrical engineering and HVAC companies) brings together 250 specialist companies (SMEs and large firms) performing work and services for industrial and commercial-sector installations, electric power networks, and information and communication systems. Independent of equipment manufacturers and electricity suppliers, SERCE optimises new techniques and develops employee qualifications. OPPBTP
OPPBTP provides the French public works and building trades with advice on accident prevention, safety, health and the improvement of working conditions.
Its three missions are to advise, train and inform. While pursuing and reinforcing its traditional participatory and multidisciplinary aspects, it is currently developing original concepts providing simple, easily implemented methods enhancing progress and its assistance and advisory services. OPPBTP employs 300 people, mainly building and public works engineers and technicians, covering the whole of France divided into 11 regions to provide optimal local action. The SERCE and OPPBTP safety contest
The prizes given by SERCE and OPPBTP reward electrical engineering and HVAC firms not only for their safety results but also for their initiatives in work organisation, their methods of enhancing communication with and awareness of personnel, and their implementation of new equipment. Prizes are awarded according to the size and business field of the candidate companies.
The jury is made up of company managers from the sector, permanent representatives of SERCE and OPPBTP, customer representatives and temporary employment agencies.  **Accident frequency rate = number of accidents per million hours worked ***Tied for 1st place Media contacts

Jean Lucas
Sustainable Development Director
Tel. : +33 (0)1 34 22 51 61
e-mail :

Pascal Omnès
Communications Director
Tel. : +33 (0)1 34 22 58 21
e-mail :

Agence Droit Devant
Philippe Hériard
Tel. : +33 (0)1 45 77 02 45
e-mail :