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Press release
SPIE's ambitions for Northern Europe: the Group re-organises
SPIE has been growing strongly in Northern Europe for several years now and has successfully consolidated its position in Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK which together represent more than 25% of its sales. The Group is now a re-organising its corporate structure in order to push ahead with its European strategy. A Northern Europe entity has been set up to take charge of SPIE's business activities in these three countries. The aim is to promote the growth of their business activities and, in particular, to extend and balance their portfolio. The creation of this new entity confirms SPIE's plan to continue its European development in countries where it is not yet represented including, in particular, Germany and the Scandinavian countries.

SPIE's ambitions for Northern Europe: the Group re-organises

The Northern Europe entity, which has not yet been legally inaugurated, incorporates three unconsolidated subsidiaries which are directly attached to SPIE SA: SPIE Nederland, SPIE Belgium and SPIE UK. The first two of these subsidiaries were previously attached to an intermediate consolidating structure, SPIE Benelux, which will cease to exist. SPIE UK is currently being formally set up and will be the parent company of SPIE Matthew Hall, SPIE WHS, and SPIE Power & Nuclear UK (a joint subsidiary of SPIE UK and SPIE Nucléaire, currently being established). These legal operations will be completed by the end of 2010. "This new organisation was essential owing to the major contribution of European countries to our growth," said SPIE Group Chairman and CEO Gauthier Louette. "Setting up this new entity is an important step in consolidating SPIE's position as European leader in its business fields".

Following the changes in organisation, the Group has announced three appointments:

Pierre Vanstoflegatte, Director SPIE Europe du Nord
The new post of Director for Northern Europe has been entrusted to Pierre Vanstoflegatte, who will be in charge of all SPIE's business activities in the UK, the Netherlands and Belgium. With the support of local management teams to organise and develop business at the SPIE Nederland, SPIE Belgium and SPIE UK subsidiaries, his goal will be to head SPIE's Northern European development strategy in countries where the Group is not yet represented.
A graduate of prestigious engineering schools, Ecole Polytechnique and Ecole des Mines, Mr Vanstoflegatte, now aged 42, joined SPIE in 1995. He held the post of CEO at SPIE Sud-Ouest as from 2007. Jean-Louis Voillot, Managing Director SPIE Sud-Ouest
A graduate from INSA engineering school in Toulouse, Jean-Louis Voillot, aged 58, joined the SPIE Group in 1977. After being appointed manager of the pipe installations department at Spie Batignolles in Toulouse en 1983, he became CEO of ELECAM and CITRAM in Morocco in 1986 and then Deputy CEO of SPIE Sud-Ouest in 1992. He was then CEO of SPIE Ouest-Centre as from 2001.
Mr Voillot takes over from Pierre Vanstoflegatte who has been appointed Director of SPIE Europe du Nord. He will continue to supervise SPIE's activities in Morocco. Philippe Guidicelli, Managing Director SPIE Ouest-Centre
Holder of a Master's Degree in applied physics and a graduate in electrical engineering from Ecole Supérieure d'Electricité, Philippe Guidicelli, aged 61, joined SPIE in 1990. Having been regional director in Uckange from 1998 to 2005, he was then Deputy CEO of SPIE Ile-de-France Nord-Ouest as from 2008.
Mr Guidicelli takes over from Jean-Louis Voillot who has been appointed CEO of SPIE Sud-Ouest. He also joins SPIE's General Management Committee. Press contacts

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