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Press release
SPIE’s communication earns distinction at the 26th Communication and Enterprise Grand Prize Awards

26th Communication and Enterprise Grand Prize Awards
Grand Prize in the communication methods category for the SPIE 2011 ‘hyper' annual report
Nomination in the one shot digital operation category for “MyGreenSpie”, the multiplatform mobile application

These awards, which SPIE received on 22 November, come on top of the five other prizes the Group has won this year for its innovative publishing achievements: four in the 2012 Top Com Corporate Business awards for the SPIE 2010 annual report and the book “Naître et renaître, une histoire de SPIE” (Birth and rebirth, a history of SPIE), and the 2012 Digital Communication Award for the SPIE 2010 annual and sustainable development report.
The next stop is the European Excellence Awards, in which SPIE is nominated in the CSR report category for its 2011 annual and sustainable development report. SPIE 2011 ‘hyper' annual report: unparalleled accessibility
In awarding SPIE the Grand Prize in the communication methods category for its 2011 web 2.0 ‘hyper' annual report, the jury praised the original approach of the Group and its partners, BeeBuzziness and Eurokapi. It described the publication as “a sustainable development report designed as a highly comprehensive external communication system, based on an effective approach: delivering the right content via the right channel to the right target, with no background interference.” It also noted “SPIE's real factoring in of CSR considerations in its approach”.
The report was designed and produced as a ‘hyper' document, a printed document offering multimedia content based on QR code-enabled access, at the heart of an unparalleled online and offline multiplatform digital editorial ecosystem incorporating PC, Android and iPad, etc. Its purpose is to trace SPIE's commitment and achievements in the green economy over time, following on from its previous annual reports. The electronic versions of this "exemplary" document are fully accessible to disabled users, while the print on demand function makes it possible to print the exact section(s) required using an environment-friendly process. It also features functions enabling sharing via social networks. “MyGreenSPIE”: the multiplatform mobile application
Nominated in the one shot digital operation category, the MyGreenSPIE application enables users to test their knowledge of the green economy by answering 38 questions.
Initially distributed in paper form to SPIE's 30,000 employees with the internal magazine when the Group launched its corporate project “SPIE, a player in the green economy", the MyGreenSPIE game has since become a multiplatform mobile application with its own Facebook page.
Available for free in five languages, MyGreenSPIE is an entertaining tool for raising awareness about the green economy – in other words, an economy that takes into account pressure on natural resources and questions surrounding climate change. MyGreenSPIE also offers an introduction to SPIE's business lines via the Group's YouTube channel, SPIEking2U, where users can view 3D animations taken from its virtual online world, MySPIE 2.0. “2012 is a year that marks the SPIE group's long-term commitment to developing responsible communication in the service of its strategic objectives,” said Pascal Omnès, the Group's communications director. “Our communication tools have now become a strong source of recognition for all SPIE's employees and partners”. Press contacts

Pascal Omnès
Communications director
Tel.: +33 (0)1 34 22 58 21 

Agence Droit Devant
Philippe Hériard
Tel.: + 33(0)1 39 53 53 33