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Press release
SPIE's tender tops the lot in Cernay
The Domial public housing department has entrusted SPIE Est's Alsace office with an all-trades project for the renovation of 74 dwellings, with emphasis on energy efficiency.

SPIE's tender tops the lot in Cernay.

This project, which will bring electrical and fire safety up to standard and improve the quality of the dwellings, is part of the plan to upgrade the Bel Air district of Cernay (Haut-Rhin). The work to be done mainly involves enhancing the building's insulation, external and internal joinery, heating and ventilation. Work under this contract, worth over a million euros, is to be completed within 10 months. SPIE Est won the contract in the face of competition from five building contracting firms on the strength of the technical quality of its tender.