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Press release
Street lighting and video security systems - SPIE secures two new public-private partnerships
Paris, 23 February - SPIE has signed two new public-private partnership contracts with Moissy-Cramayel (Seine-et-Marne) and Val-de-Reuil (Eure).

Moissy-Cramayel: priority to street lighting and video security systems

The public-private partnership (PPP) awarded to SPIE Ile-de-France Nord-Ouest concerns the construction and renovation, maintenance and technical operation of street lighting installations, traffic lights, festive illuminations and video security systems.
On completion of this 15-year contract worth €10 million, Moissy Cramayel will feel the full benefit of the new installations which will generate substantial energy savings that will bring down operating costs. Works conducted by the Ile-de-France Nord-Ouest teams will primarily involve the renovation of the street lighting network (3,200 lamps), with 98% of installations connected to the Citynetwork system. With this centralised remote management system that uses a network of ballasts, each light fitting can be controlled remotely by a single operator. This solution has multiple benefits: brightness can be adapted to suit specific requirements for different areas, operating times can be optimised and energy consumption can be monitored in real-time. This system enables local councils to reduce energy expenditure by up to 40%, extend lamp lifetimes by 20% and substantially reduce maintenance costs.
The contract also includes the creation of a centralised video security network for the district (with 22 cameras), the renovation of nine traffic-light junctions and the installation of new Christmas illuminations.

26% energy savings for Val-de-Reuil

Val-de-Reuil awarded a Public-Private Partnership to SPIE Ouest-Centre and SOGIRE for the reconstruction, maintenance and operation of its street lighting installations and video communication network. Objective: 56% energy savings due to renovated street lighting installations, making 26% energy savings for the whole town. The Val-de-Lum project company has been set up specifically to monitor this 15-year contract worth €15 million.
Teams from SPIE Ouest-Centre and SPIE Ile-de-France Nord-Ouest will be working together to replace 1,248 street lights that are managed remotely by the Citynetworks system. A city-wide fibre-optic network will also be rolled out. With this network, Val-de-Reuil will be able to switch to all-digital technology, migrating from its analogue cable television network to a digital terrestrial television network, connecting video surveillance cameras and street lighting cabinets (remote management) and setting up a high-speed broadband network (FTTH).
In addition, SPIE will be reconstructing 24 km of underground electric cables, installing three terminals for recharging electric vehicles, lighting systems for heritage structures (town hall, school, walkways, etc.) and electronic information boards.
With this contract, SPIE Ouest-Centre and SPIE Ile-de-France Nord-Ouest will take the opportunity to jointly develop a work centre in Val-de-Reuil with the aim of increasing the town's contribution to the local economy. "The quality of engineering studies carried out was a decisive factor in winning these two public-private partnerships," highlights Philippe Cosson, CEO of SPIE Ile-de-France Nord-Ouest. "Feedback from the first PPP implemented in Sénart in Essonne since 2008 has consolidated SPIE's expertise in projects of this type. These new contracts signed with Moissy-Cramayel and Val-de-Reuil district councils illustrate the confidence local authorities have in our local teams which are building themselves an excellent reputation for engineering expertise covering the financial, legal and technical fields." Press contacts

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Communications Director
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