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Press release
Success for SPIE’s "2015 Share For You" employee shareholding plan

53% of employees are now shareholders in the SPIE Group


Cergy, 11 December 2015 – SPIE has announced the success of its new "2015 Share For You" employee shareholding plan. Following the offering’s launch on October 1st, the subscription rate reached 97% of the maximum authorised amount of €55 million, with a subscription price of €13.05 per share after application of the Group employees’ discount. Settlement-delivery of the shares took place on 10 December 2015.

Launched in 14 countries, this new employee shareholding offer was designed to maximise employees’ involvement in the new momentum that the listing would give to the Group. The offering achieved a subscription rate of nearly 43% at Group level and 56% in France, making it an undeniable success.

By the end of this process, 4,076,156 shares had been issued, raising more than €53 million.

Along with the existing shareholding plans, this means 20,000 employees (representing 53% of the workforce) are now SPIE shareholders, with 4.7% of the company’s share capital.

Compared with the previous employee shareholding plan in 2011, the number of eligible employees has increased from 24,000 to 33,800 as a result of the Group’s growth in Germany and the availability of the offer in Morocco and Poland, as well countries that SPIE Oil & Gas Services operates in: the Republic of Congo, the United Arab Emirates, Gabon and Malaysia. The high level of take-up in five non-European countries, which were included for the first time in this type of operation, is a particular source of satisfaction. It is also worth highlighting the level of take-up in Germany which reached 27%; a very significant rate for a subsidiary acquired as recently as 2013.

"This result is very gratifying and means that SPIE has one of the highest proportions of employee shareholders of any European company," emphasises SPIE Chairman and CEO Gauthier Louette. "Employee shareholding is a long-standing tradition in our Group. It creates a strong, lasting bond. The undeniable success of our ‘2015 Share For You’ scheme shows that the people working at SPIE have confidence in their company’s future.



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