Suppliers charter

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Sustainable development holds a key role in the SPIE Group's business strategy. In 2003, the group joined the Global Compact, which encourages companies to apply and promote ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

The Charter shows SPIE's commitment to encouraging its service providers to align their operations with these principles. The term 'service provider' covers all of the group's suppliers and subcontractors.

The Charter applies to all service providers that have business relationships with SPIE. We encourage our service providers to uphold this Charter within their respective spheres of influence.

By signing this Charter, our service providers undertake to comply with its requirements, or to inform SPIE about any plans for improvements required in order to do so, with corresponding time-frames.

Our commitments

We commit to implement throughout our organisation, all requirements described hereafter:

  • To act transparently and objectively;
  • To promote responsible purchasing practices within our profession;
  • To raise awareness among our own employees with regard to sustainable development;
  • To communicate internally about this Charter.

 Our requirements

Our service providers are strongly encouraged to notify us of any opportunities for improving responsible practices in the areas of safety, the environment, human rights and ethics. They are also invited to provide feedback in the event of failure on the part of SPIE to uphold this Charter.

  • Safety
    SPIE aims for zero-accident operation.
    We ask our service providers to identify and eliminate any hazardous situations in the work place.
    Our service providers shall implement all necessary preventive measures (training, PPE, operating procedures, etc.) to prevent occupational accidents and work-related illnesses.
  • Human rights
    We ask our service providers to develop policies and procedures to uphold all human rights within their own organisations and among their respective service providers. In all cases, the Supplier shall, at the least, follow the recommendations stipulated in ILO convention 138.
    Service providers shall prohibit all forms of forced or compulsory labour.
  • Ethics
    SPIE requires high ethical standards throughout all its business operations. These are designed to instil and preserve a strong culture, based on trust and integrity.
    We select our service providers through open competitive tendering processes.
    We ask our service providers to establish and apply ethical principles across all levels of the company.
  • Environment
    SPIE seeks to work with service providers that share the same objectives and use the same environmental practices, including energy efficiency, management of biodiversity, waste reduction and recycling.
    Service providers shall place particular importance on reducing the carbon footprint generated by their activities.

Service providers agree to admit internal or external auditors, upon request from SPIE, to verify compliance with this Charter.
Any serious or deliberate failure by a service provider to comply with the principles set out in this Charter may result in outright exclusion from our panel of service providers.

Suppliers shall implement internal procedures and inspections to ensure compliance with these principles.

We believe that compliance with this charter by our service providers will help to create value for all parties and contribute to the development of mutually beneficial partnerships.

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